Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pink without a Name

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This year I ordered Marizol Purple. I like the name for this tomatoe, and upon ordering it, I saw in my old seed stocks that I had grown it.........found it not what I liked and dumped it.

MP is a tomatoe which has a potatoe leaf. It is pink skinned and with a thick skin, it is acidic they say.

What was of interest in this is, I got 3 plants to sprout, or God did. Two were potato leaf and one was not. I wondered what was up with this as there is a German Johnson which is dual leaf in regular and potato, but Marizol is not.

So I grew that whatever tomatoe and it did pretty good starting out. It blossomed a bit early and it did ok with the very bad weather which was scorching, cold, drought and whatever.....but the August time is what mattered, and in that time I saw my Krim, Azoychka, Red Pear, Marizol go tits up.

The Rossa Scicilian did very very well, the Keeper did ok, and TL's blue tomato did ok, but it did not ripen well. Then there was this regular leaf tomatoe.

It actually began August with a good growth. I noted in September that it started ripening some nice sized tomatoes, which were beefsteak in type. I picked the first tomatoe on September 16th, which proves what a horrid year it was as it was at least 3 weeks later than it should have.

The tomatoe reminded me of Rose which is a fantastic tomatoe. This tomatoe on cutting it, looked to have the seed globes in sections, and not spread out as Rose did, so that eliminated Rose.
Flavor was good. It was not a great deal of tomatoe flavor, but it was acidic enough, had a lighter fresh flavor than Big Boy, and it honestly surprised me how nice of tomatoe it is.

I am saving the seeds, on this mystery tomatoe, for the reason when other tomatoes failed, this tomatoe produced in a bad year. I do not know if it is was a sport of Marizol which I doubt, even if German Johnson breeds in both types.
It is probably some "like" pink tomatoe which just happened to have the seed left in the batch a Marizol was being processed.

The skin is thin, which is what makes me conclude this is not a Marizol. What it is, is mine, and I intend to propagate it. The nice thing about tomatoes is they mutate naturally and respond to husbandry incredibly fast.
What I mean by this, is I was reading a few years ago of a tomatoe like Porter, which is a southern tomatoe which responds to high heat. The story noted that there were 3 different locations where this tomatoe had been grown for a generation, and when the writer came upon this tomatoe was surprised that none of them looked alike, and all were listed as the same variety.

In that, given a few years growing this variety. Using natural selection and mutation, I will have a variety which is unique no matter what it started out as, or resembled. That is how you end up with thousands of tomatoe varieties. Tomatoes were brought from America and these varieties like apples, potatoes, corn, squash were so non standardized, that when they appeared in locations like Bulgaria or Italy, there were certain types which produced.
I watched several types of lilies I planted a number of years ago, and when the end came, only the yellow lilies are what survived in my area.

People forget that before the American hybrids, which were natural in the Marglobe and the Big Boy, people had a very hard time raising tomatoes as tomatoes were hard to raise. This can be heard on old television programs from the 1960's yet in gardeners having problems raising these fruits.
What I have is of the pinks. The pinks tend to be good tomatoes, nice skins, no cracking, no green shoulders, and smooth appearance. This one has good genes in it for my area and it honestly produced better tomatoes than the tasteless hybrids. It holds very well when ripe, and it does not rot on the vine.......all without being some toxic poison.

I do not know the name, but review this tomatoe as a God given blessing, as except for some Backfield and the Rossa's, this year would have been without tomatoes. That is the tomatoe which needs to be raised........the one which produces and actually tastes like something you would like to eat.

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