Tuesday, October 20, 2015

To Kill Humans Better


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Awhile ago in discussing dream guns, I was asked about defensive handguns, and I of course answered correctly, but something has changed as much as jet engines to piston engines.

It has to do with bullets.

Bullets were basically created from lead bulls, then became rifled lead mini balls which spun for a better trajectory. The next advancement was a copper jacket on the lead to aid in penetration, and the the Nosler partition bullet for maximum penetration.

That was about it for bullets, until Polycase created a most ingenious bullet made of plastic and copper.

That sounds like something which could not be, but it is in fact a new bullet, and these are a quantum leap in bullets, because they are like a propeller moving a boat through the water, except the water they moving through is blood in a human body, and as their is not a boat, the entire energy of that thrust is pushed violently into the tissue, causing ruptures.
Think of this as a sort of tsunami in the human body.

A small bullet will open a wound channel 3 inches in diameter by 9 inches long, and then seal around itself. These things are like Russian hypersonic missiles blowing up an aircraft carrier.

What is even more interesting in these bullets is they are designed to stay in the body, and if they are recovered, they look like they could be reloaded again.
These plastic copper hybrids, actually mimic a hollow point bullet, without any of the fragmenting or the mushroom effect of a jacketed softpoint and mirror a full metal case in heavy clothing barriers will not stop them.

Frankly, I ponder what a teflon coating would do to this round, in making it an armour piercing round, without the pin hole design of a full metal jacket, but the massive tissue damage of the hollow point.

The Russians in the 1970's were attempting to engineer their 7.62 x 39 mm AK 47 bullets tumble on impact, to create greater wound channels. This American round though does this and more, and it is accomplished by making propeller fins on the bullet.

My reason for featuring this is the re evaluation of lighter pistols, such as the 9 mm class, which I detest, as their light bullets would fail in killing people when it was required. The US military learned a hard lesson and threw their 9's away, and went back to their 45's as things were sorted out.
The 9 was helped by Core Bon which makes very good human killing bullets for self defense. The problem in all of this is stout bullets do affect recoil, which bothers shooters who are affected by recoil or pistol jump.

These plastic bullets though with copper in them, are light. Meaning for the same amount of powder, a bullet is pushed faster being lighter, and this is what transforms the little bullet into a big bullet wound channel.

There is another effect in this, which is most interesting in these bullets actually double the feet per second the bullet is moving. Meaning a 1500 fps bullet, due to the flutes in the bullet, actually speed up the motion not of the bullet, but the blood which it makes contact with, in driving it at 3000 feet per second.

All of that adds up to the things people defending themselves are looking for, pistol control, so they hit the criminal, and the bullet then hits the criminal hard. You can put a 3 inch circle anywhere on your body and measure 9 inches deep and conclude that you would not appreciate this kind of wound disruption in your body as even proximity hits would blow the major arteries out.

This round promises to make "women's guns" into one shot one kill guns for those defending themselves. People defending themselves need a bullet which is going to convince criminals intent on harming the innocent to forget about that assault immediately, and that is the promise of this plastic bullet.
The testing shows that these bullets will go through dry wall and some metal. That means bone, and that is something necessary as all murderers have bones under their skin.

This is a new technology to keep in mind. The big heavies are  meeting a match for their power. One must always remember that the best human killing bullet in handguns, was the FBI plus P load in a 158 grain semi wadcutter. More people have been stopped with that handgun loading than all the other rounds combined, and that is FBI forensic statistics.
People in their ignorance, overlook that Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry, was shooting a Smith and Wesson Model 29 in 44 Remington Magnum......but he was only feeding it 44 standard rounds.

My first experience with a 44 magnum, felt like the tearing feeling you get on your face when someone is pounding sheet metal with a hammer by your head. If you can get penetration in a light load, which has none of that steel tearing going on, then that is the choice.

The Polycase ammo with these nylon copper injection moulded bullets are a choice now that most people are unaware of.....unaware of until another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter to the general population.

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