Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Clinton Triangulation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not voting for Hillary Clinton any more than Jebus Bush, but I just can not cope with such ineptness in Hillary Clinton's campaign. I mean who does she thinking she is, the fracking Queen of Lezbo, in just sitting on her large ass waiting to be coronated dnc princess.

Look Hillary Clinton is  being triangulated on, so she needs to do a Dick Morris and triangulate on the Massah and Obama in the White House to neutralize them.

Here comes the advice, even if I am not stealing money from these dumb frack candidates being paid to lead them over the edge.

Hillary has two cocksuckers who are problems, and one of them is not Huma. Hillary's problem is Birther Hussein and running against it's leash carrier, Joe Biden.

Hillary has email problems which she sucks at dealing with. Hillary has Benghazi problems which she sucks at dealing with. So that is the Big 3, the triangulation, O Biden, Benghazi and Emailgate.

So you deal with this shithole by flushing it. You flush it by, triangulating.

OK it is like this........

Mrs. Clinton tell us about your email server?

It is like that Senator Sweetie, Birther Hussein hired me to be the front of his whack ass policies, and he cut me out of the loop. See when I was trying with Ambassador Chris Stevens to fix the arms distribution that Obama and Biden set up to fracking terrorists, Stevens got ass raped to death, and if you checked my resume, I was not President.

The Secretary of State can not call out the troops and on Benghazi night I was doing the diplomatic work while the Obama policy was blowing up in our face.

You wonder why I had an email server? I was trying to hold this klusterfuk together, because you can see what happened as soon as I left. Ukraine blew up, Yemen blew up, Syria blew up and the Taliban is taking over Afghanistan.
That is the big boys playing with their toys  and I needed operational security to hold things together for America, and that included protecting confidential and embarassing information from coming out in government files that just might lead to impeachment of the people in the White House.

Triangulation. Explains the email server. Nukes Biden as a 2016 contender, and cuts off image Obama's nuts, so Hillary does not have to deal with big ass Muchelle moving into South Carolina as a carpetbagger, looking over her shoulder and saying, "Well when I was in Reignbow House I was doing it this way!"

Hillary Clinton needs to be shed of Emailgate, look like a hero, get rid of Obama and Biden, and end Benghazi. Throw it all on the Obama regime, make yourself the only adult in the room and put Biden on life support.

Hamrod has to throw down as she sucks in her Obama advisers and Huma is the worst of them all. You get rid of your problems while they are out in the ocean, not after they land on the beach.

Nuff said