Monday, October 5, 2015

Uppity Niggers and Thangs


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading Salon magazine lynch Ben Carson, lumping him in with "conservative blacks", when Carson's 4 Horsemen of his revelation are:

1. Using butchered babies as they are dead any way.
2. Writing for Common Core.
3. Amnesty
4. Lusting after shemales who look like Grace Jones.

In reality, that sounds like Jeb Bush, except Bush likes dwarf Mexcians, but Jeb sounds like Obama who even in image is a Marxist, so this Salon article about Afroids is just odd in calling Carson liar on these four points:

1. Niggers are on the democratic plantation.
2. Niggers are stupid and emotional.
3. Niggers voter democrat because they get free things.
4. Niggers are uninformed.

Some people might take exception that Salon did not use the word Nigger, but when you make Ben Carson, out to be a Conservative like Clarence Thomas, when Carson is a Jack n Jill liberal elitist, then that demands a categorizing of these 98 percent Obama voting Afroids as to who they are, and when Salon can lynch an uppity Jack n Jill Carson, then the gloves are off and Niggers are in the mix, as Niggers do indeed exist, like God, Who liberals also deny exists.

The 98 is a good figure, as the proof of that 98 is that percentage of Afroids voted for Obama, because they thought he was a black man. So that proves point 1 for Salon.

Point 2, Niggers are stupid........well they think Obama is a black man, when he is not.....and who was it fainting and bawling, but Afroids at the Obama events. Point 2 proven.

Point 3, Who was getting free Obama phones? Who was it that showed up expecting a mansion from Obama? Who was it in the Black Caucus who started bitching they were not getting enough free stuff from Obama? The answer was Niggers in every question, so point 3 is proven.

Point 4, Niggers are uninformed. You do remember that Obama girl right? You do remember Maxine Waters right? You do remember Treyvon Martin attacking an armed man with Skittles right? Point 4 proven, and for extra credit who is Planned Parenthood aborting but blacks, and who is replacing blacks with Mexicans, but image Obama.......yeah Point 4 proven.

Salon asks why it is 'conservative' blacks allow themselves to be used by the Republican party reinforcing the above points. They then call Ben Carson a "DRIVER", as in SLAVE DRIVER, although they never mention that historical part, as this term was a more industrious black who would whip and beat the lazy Niggers, who layed around the shack all day, having sex or sleeping, instead of picking cotton, making hay or milking the cow.
If Salon thinks that the GOP has Slave Drivers, I personally want my money back, as the party of Reagan has hardly got it's money's worth out of Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Allen West, Thomas Sowell in herding them Niggers to vote Republican.
Salon even equates Conservative Blacks to slave owners back in the goode olde times, in being as bad as white slave owners............ah, Salon should look at the statistics, because according to Dr. David Duke, the "white" people owning slaves, were in majority Ashkenaz Asians hiding in Jewry and promoting it.......

So Salon is drumming up in it's ignorance, Anti Semitism, Racism.....but then Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said Anti Semitism was Racism on the floor of the United Nations.......Moynihan was a Democrat working for Republicans Nixon and Ford.
I know it is all confusing and the nitwit will blame me for using the word Nigger, correctly in this, because that is what Salon is talking about, uppity Niggers, Big House Niggers, Front Porch Niggers, Back Porch Niggers and Shanty Niggers, but is mixing them up as all them Niggers look the same to Salon as their editor let Chauncey that has to be a white name if it is George Zimmerman blasting Treyvon Martin, but brown as bird poo when it is attacking Donald Trump.

It all comes down to this Niggerness stuff in this:

1. Salon can not recognize Obama is not a black man.
2. Salon gets confused in thinking liberal Ben Carson whose agenda is Obama is a Conservative.
3. Salon does not know that blacks owning slaves were like Jews, and not whites.
4. Salon employed a Latin who can not tell blacks apart as they all look the same.

Meanwhile the cancer hottie Prez of Argentina said at the United Nations that the Obama regime was trying to get Argentina to sell nukes material to Iran, but the regime said it was no big deal as they tried to get Russia and France to sell nuke material to Iran too.......all not in writing, but just under the table.
That would be probably because Salon thinks Persian Val-erie Jarrett is a Nigger, just like Asian Obama is a Nigger, toting that Salon line of sodomy and moving that barge of mixing all them Niggers up as the same.

It is a great deal like the Daily Beast, in thinking that Catholic and Christians are the same, when the Vatican never refers to itself by anything but Catholic, and it is those other sects which are those "Christians" not going to Heaven as they have no Pope.
Odd to in the Daily Beast was talking about "forgiveness" and the Pater Pope not getting it right, when they could not get it right either in mixing in "christians" who are not Christians, as forgiveness is turning things over to God to punish evil people when the laws of mankind are corrupt in protecting evil.

I do not see what it accomplishes in electronic lynching Niggers online. It produces no revenue and in the end, you got the same uppity Nigger parading around like they are the elite.

In the goode olde days, you had Niggers like Jews owning slaves, with a few whites thrown in to take the heat, with Slave Drivers making them Niggers tow the line. As I look at Salon, I just do not see how things have changed that much in you got the rich Niggers and Jews owning that 98% of the voting market, folks like Al Sharpton doing the driving, and it is still white people getting blamed for all that Nigger stuff going on.

Christians, Catholics, Niggers, Slaves, Drivers, Jews, Whites getting blamed.........people think this blog is hard to understand, and never figure out that what liberals write makes no damn sense, as they can't keep straight any race or creed, as it all is the same to them.

Same as in conglomerate rape and enslavement of white people in America after emancipation, of course is nothing to be written of or to visit criminal charges for the Rape Rooms of West Virginia were women were raped and children were sold for sex, by the very liberals who promoted such Democrats of that region like Senator Jay Rockefeller.