Wednesday, November 11, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was wondering if it was legal to feed a corpse to a lion at the zoo, but could not find any information, except some satyrist feeding a live goat to a lion at the zoo.

Wiki had a list of odd things people could do, and it made me wonder if you could pickle a corpse. Pickling preserves lots of things, and it can be alcohol. I doubt a lion would like to eat a pickled corpse though as alcohol tastes bitter and it burns soft tissue.

I was wondering if it is legal for someone to sell an ass steak off of themselves, to someone else who wanted to try an ass steak. Blacks have very good ass steaks as they marble well with all that fat in their asses. I have this on good authority from people in Africa who ate people, especially ass steaks.
Indians ate hearts allot, but I have no interest in hearts as they are strong in poultry and other animals in flavor. I would imagine the human heart would be equally tough and strong and nothing appealing to eat as a delicacy.

Two people I knew died a few days ago. Neither was fed to lions or pickled. My one thought was that these were very old people, they knew each other, and I bet they never would have guessed that final jeopardy question in both of them dying on the same day.
The one died of pancreatic cancer in a few weeks, while Ruth Bader Ginsberg is still on the Supreme Court for over a decade. Rich people always get medical cures and poor people get fed to the Rockefeller profit system.

Mom's leg is about healed and her cheek is looking good. No bleeding.

Talked to a gal today, two gals who had eye surgery. Doc hit a blood vessel in one, and turned her eye black. She has prism glasses now, as all is blurry and she saw two of me when she takes her glasses off. The other sees cobwebs in her surgery eye. That does not sound like a cure to me and I bet no one got their money back.

I had a pretty good day. My neighbor, God bless him, love him and do good to him, as he cleaned our pens out the other day, told me to go chow down on turnips and today showed up with a load of cornstalk bales which I could not afford.........told me not to worry about it.

God does hear me. Learned a relative on a my Grampa's place was off getting a checkup quite a drive away. Is an odd story, in I prayed for God to get him off that place........God did it. He got prostate cancer, went to get treated out of state.....and came back, much to my chagrin.
Been praying for a place and now here is the check up news which gives me hope.

I do pray for people to repent. It is the worst kind of turmoil to unleash on people.

Hyenas, break bones really well. I think maybe a corpse to hyenas would be a good green remedy in dealing with corpses. I have a list of people ......not really, but I could have a list of people who are evil that I would think should be candidates to be fed to the lions.

They used to feed Christians to lions, even Daniel in Iran.

People really stink though and it is why animals do not like eating people. It is an acquired taste like coffee. No cream or sugar with a corpse though. Mom had cream and sugar coffee, she tried to get the cat to use up in being frugal. Kitty did not like it.

I am hoping that this college protests  and riots really gets going. I hope those children burn down all those institutions and blow them up. Be the best savings in the world and get rid of liberal brainwashing centers. Obama children though are such wimps. Lots of talk and no taking action. Always is with liberals. Just Shitsikas on a pole and a bunch of white girls running for home.

I would not live in North Missouri. Is like west Texas without the oil. Dry and crackling.........shitty weather.

Lord, I thought I was going to die last night. Had severe gastritis. Happened upon a not so free Hardee's roast beef thing and that really did the satanic deed.

I have been remote sensing, as in scents. Interesting.

Finally to give this purpose. That Mars drone was made by an alien. The alien was God. It is a rock. The red is Mars dust. It does have a purpose to test the Faithful for what is coming.

With that revelation, this will not be a waste of time.

I wonder if things are illegal if they are not covered by the law. So much in nature looks manmade, when it is just intelligent molecular design.

I need sleep.