Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Judas Generation

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I have in my reading Pope John Paul II's, Go In Peace, and it is a reflection of what the 21st century of the anti messiah, Barack Hussein Obama is in change, for it is a satanic world in conflict and chaos, with itself.

There is a personal inscription for this 20 dollar small book from Loyola Press, from a Father Tom, who writes, "Thank you for your service to the Church".

I can not see any signs of this book ever having been opened or read. For that matter, this memento of appreciation from the Catholic clergy meant little to the Catholic it was given, and absolute nothing to the survivors who dumped it into a second hand store.
The Church's Padre gives you a Pope book, and you or your children could care less. I will conclude it was a wealthy Catholic, whose wealthy Catholic children could not be bothered with matters of faith, as it is all a matter of checks to the church to balance the sins. No Christ needed, just write the bigger check and you get a better seat in Heaven.

Pope John Paul II was from a Reagan Thatcher world, who utilized the Lutheran behind the Iron Curtain and Saudi money to fracture the Soviet Union. He looked to the 21st century as a place of hope, where peace, human dignity and life were the choices the Pope saw as the coming trend.
The coming trend though became a change of Barack Hussein Obama who was assisted by the Jesuits in America to install him, and to install a black pope in Francis the Pater Pope who has nullified the Cross of Christ in stating anyone can get into Heaven and has become embroiled in politics in assisting the re election of Angela Merkel of Germany, in both now the Pater Pope with Merkel are initiating the genocide of Germany and all of Europe, as much as America, for the purpose of negating the right wing Protestants for a "universal" faith which is part voodoo, part Islam, part secularism and all bowing before Francis.

A long departure from Pope Benedict at odds with the threat of Islam, and Francis involved in human cargo invasions which now is an Obama world of sodomite destruction of humanity, geared toward pedophilia, where the Russian Orthodox Church and Vladimir Putin is the moral framework, and the Vatican with the western regimes are the satanic axis of evil.

It is necessary to note this schism, for it is criminalizing Protestant Christians in America, and making criminals of Nationalists in Europe for crimes of believing in Christ and desiring lands named France, Germany, Slovakia etc... are to be the homelands of French, Germans and Slovakians, and not Libyans, Syrians and Iraqis.
This schism is now a civil war of doctrines within the Vatican as the faithful clergy are in rebellion against the Pater Pope, the False Prophet of Rome.

Ponder the quotes of John Paul II in the following:

"Many of today's problems are the result of a false notion of individual freedom at work in our culture, as if one could be free only when rejecting every objective norm of conduct, refusing to assume responsibility, or even refusing to put curbs on instincts and passions.

Instead, true freedom actually implies that we are capable of choosing a good without constraint. This is the truly human way of proceeding in the choices - big and small - that life puts before us.

The church must always be careful not to reduce "the word of truth" to an abstract code of ethics and morality, or treatise of rules for good behavior. The preaching of Christian morality must not empty Christ's cross of its power."

John Paul II, speaking to the reality that liberty is not license, that people are not free from morality to be immoral. That sodomy, pedophilia and blasphemy are not the foundations of the Church nor of any society which is healthy.

It is often said that Ronald Reagan could not be elected in the Obama era, but the reality is, that Pope John Paul could not be elected Pope in the era of what the Vatican has been overthrown in the Jesuit revolution which has engulfed it, in the Jesuit orders favorite religious dogma of Marxism, which it fomented and produced in South America, and sowed into black liberation which produced the foreign agent of Barack Hussein Obama.

"At times in the discussions about new and complex moral problems, it can seem that Christian morality is in itself too demanding, difficult to understand, and almost impossible to practice.

This is untrue, since Christian morality consists in the simplicity of its Gospel: that of following Christ, of abandoning ourselves to Him, and of letting ourselves be transformed by His Grace and renewed in His Mercy- gifts that come to us in the living Communion of His Church."

This is not a Catholic apology, but a reality that Christianity never changes. It is the Body of Christ, the same from Adam and Eve, to Abraham and Sarah, to every Christian couple, husband and wife, the great mystery in the communion of each other forming the Spiritual body of Saints, obedient to Christ, denying our selfishness for caring for God and others, and being converted in God's Grace and Mercy to being adopted Spiritually by the Holy Ghost into the family of God.

There is God. There is Good which is God. Then there are those who proclaim that Goodness which is Right and True.
There is satan. There is evil which is of satan. Then there are those who proclaim change which is wrong and a lie.

The world is now in global sin. The regimes are in open rebellion to God which is sin in definition. It does not make any distinction whether it is Islam, Marxism, Feudalism. Vaticanism, Jewry, Hindu, Witchcraft of Agnostism. Pope John Paul apologizing in the 20th century for evils the Vatican engaged in, was not a license for Pater Francis to engage in new sins, no more than Barack Obama bowing and apologizing across the globe for American evil with his peace prize, was not carte blanche for drone striking people to death so he could place his good terrorists in power.
All of the world's religions and regimes are now in chaos of satan, a darkness, shrouding the world of light and ushering in the worst of humanity, dehumanizing people as metals and meats and as replaceable as nuts and bolts.

The entire message from God is of one point. God did created all of this world to bring you to Him. That is why you are here. satan has one purpose and that is keep you from God and luring you to Spiritual suicide to enmity from God in hell.

Evil is evil. It has moved from incarnate to resident. It is now the religion and rule of this world, and it is bringing it to a global mass suicide which is the purpose of satan. satan lied to the world elite that they could take of the second tree of the Garden of Eden in the Tree of Life and become immortal. What satan has not told the immortals is that God still has a prison called hell for them, and instead of being consumed by an eternal fire, it will instead torment them as it does satan and demons, eternally.

You have been told you do not need Jesus, as Obama is your messiah, telling you to indulge in all the things that are destroying you emotionally as this cartel is off mass murdering contenders, until the time your sect is a problem as being immortal is a finite club.
You have been told to trust in things which end your life and trust in regime which put you into a gulag, addicting you to sex, toys, irresponsibility and leaving you in debt.

You have been lied to in being told you are good, when that good is murdering you, your nations and each other in a thousand different ways. You have been so numbed in being stimulated constantly, that you feel nothing, and have your consciences have gone silent.

You are a people lost and taken possession of.

 2 And the chief priests and scribes sought how they might kill him; for they feared the people.
 3 Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve.
 4 And he went his way, and communed with the chief priests and captains, how he might betray him unto them.
 5 And they were glad, and covenanted to give him money.
 6 And he promised, and sought opportunity to betray him unto them in the absence of the multitude.

Luke 23

Everyone of you claim to be good, and have decieved yourselves. Everyone of you who is a part of this whore of Babylon system is as guilty as Judas in betraying Christ, for this system is at war with Christ and you are at war with Christ.

A conscience not used is as worthless as a heart without love or a gun without bullets. If you can not comprehend the violations of God's Law and Love, you are captive to evil and spiritually dead.

We are in a world with satan murderously overthrowing it every day in greater numbers. This culminates in Great Troubled Time, which ends at a place north of Jerusalem called Armageddon in a massive battle where God gathers the world to the slaughter of evil.
The good though are slaughtered in numbers before this by this very system which those with consciences recognize and reject which is now aflame in the world.

Evil is in process of annihilating Good, and evil people believe they are good in this destruction of humanity, as satan has entered into the masses and has them visiting the elite to negotiate what payment they will receive in coin.

This is the Judas generation.