Saturday, November 28, 2015

Adoptive Obama girls with 5 o'clock Shadow

 Adoptive Obama girls with 5 o'clock Shadows

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I first spotted this photo of Lurch Obama AKA Queenie, the one who is the whore for that New York rap group posting selfies of herself, I was puzzled why this female had what looked like whiskers.......and then I found a current picture of Obama and the adoptive shemales, and it appears both girls have beards and 5 o'clock shadows.

Look this is puzzling and new. I do not know if their shemale adoptive Mum, Muchelle, somehow has the girls coordinated mensurating and this has them turning shemale like Muchelle, but these whatevers are looking to be prone to give whisker burns to their whenever sex associates, lesbian or shemale.

My Gram used to say, ugly in the cradle and pretty at the table. Obviously the adoptive Obama daughters are the new photo ops of the regime showing solidarity with ugly dykes.
It must be something of pose with image Obama, and get to use the non sting Mennen aftershave on the stubble faces. Do not pose with image Obama, and you get to fester pimples for a week.


Yeah image is after guns, and apparently sucking cream and posing with dykes, has some connection, which I can not figure out, but apparently it has something to do with 5 o'clock shadow.

I apologize, but I just can not look at this any more as this is just repulsive.

Here is something more pleasant in the Dutch are tossing pig heads at Muslims in the Netherlands. Perhaps I have misjudged the the Dutch in only being fat targets for Russian Soldiers......then again I seem to recall that some Christian State in Belgium is promising to kill all the Islamists and burn down their Mosques.


I do not think this will work in England though, as David Cameron would be allured by the pig heads as he likes ejaculating into their mouths.

I wonder in research of the Western Homosapien species if they will arise and save themselves or be more French Mutton for the slaughter.  The European in history used to be heroic in slaughtering Muslim invaders and burning their things.

How much better can this be in an endorsement from Mormon bender Glenn Becks' favorite Trump assassin in Matt Walsh stoking the flames of religious intolerance.

If we lived like this, rather than living like “our god is our stomach” (Philippians 3:19), we would be fierce warriors ready to defend Our Father against any attack, and certainly ready to amputate from our lives any form of “entertainment” that heaps shame on us and our faith. But we are not fierce warriors, are we? We are far too tolerant for that.
Tolerance. Horrible, shameful tolerance. Enough of that. These days, tolerance is for the weak.
I think it’s about time for some determined, decisive, glorious intolerance.

Yes Mam, I can see it now,  the FBI busting down Matt Walsh's door, dragging his naked ass out to the street at 3 am for that Colorado Planned Butcherhood shooting in ramping up the dope heads, and being charged with life imprisonment, like those  Storm Front web posters who did nothing, but the skinheads did, and the regime threw them all in prison for writing inflammatory things.
Just a few months ago Walsh was trying to assassinate Donald Trump, and now here he is talking about "fierce warriors" and glorious intolerance, under the cover of a little boycott.

I bet if Lucy Lui burned down Mosques and shot Muslims that everyone would enjoy it, even Muslims as Lucy Lui is quite enjoyable kicking men in the testicles.


Will the Western Homosapien rise up or become the 21st century Neanderthal?

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matt