Saturday, November 28, 2015

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hope it is ok to post a section of the Viking's correspondence, because I wanted to show the example of the Goodness which is the very few of you and to answer what the Viking asked, as it is important, along with something amusing I found last night.

You wrote a while ago that you only had 3 consistent donors? Did I get that right? Is that still the case? If so, don’t worry about us here, The Lord is Blessing our needs. Mommy and The Babygirl even went shopping tonight, and Mommy got some jeans she wanted for cheap (she never buys anything otherwise, or else she wouldn’t have left the house tonight after doing all the work she did for Thanksgiving dinners today, when she could have been resting) and The Babygirl finally got a perfect spring jacket to wear to the bus stop when it’s not winter weather, so I don’t have to worry when she leaves that she will be cold, coming or going. Have you ever seen a picture of Mommy? She is absolutely gorgeously beautiful. I’m going to have to get The Babygirl to arrange for something like that, as you should know what we all look like. You will be surprised by the appearance of the woman who chose to hear from me the words: ‘Yes Dear”. We should probably even try to get a picture of Gramma Lil, and Gramma Yey, sent to you. 

This is the Viking and you have read some of the Babygirl, one of the old souls growing in God's Wisdom. The Viking is going in for surgery again this next month. He has been more than kind in contacting a billionaire to try and get a donation, to offering fun things like guns and knives.
He is not rich though, but over my protests does donate as one of the few consistent donors. That part grieves me as his job is a very tough one in shipping and filling orders. If you never had to wade through regulations in shipping things, you never experienced the reality of it is amazing that any business gets done in this world.

Now for some entertainment and teaching, and another warning to the non donors.

Google earth of the worst espionage tools on the planet. For those unaware of what this feature is, it just does not have the old atlas maps, but it has satellite maps, and in most localities, it has a lovely 360 degree of your home. It is great fun to play with to see your neighborhood, but it is also an amusing pastime to a decade, after someone has stolen from you, to find the person's address and have a view of what kind of crap their life has spiraled into.

The following picture is of such a person who stole from me, and a warning to the thieves who steal from this blog non stop. I may not be rich yet, but it is a given you are going to be poor the hard way.

The focus of this is the center house. It is small, and you can discern this is in a neighborhood of the dregs of society....actually it is an entire community, which is a niche of culls who have been flushed out of the more affluent cities which surround this ghetto.

It might not seem like such a bad house in a bad neighborhood, until I happen to mention that this person who stole from me, does not own this house.
I might mention too that the owner is not a relative and lives there.
I might mention that a step daughter does live there.
I might mention the divorced step daughter is there, and she has two little screaming bastards.

Let us tally this utopia up. This person stole from me. Their marriage went tits up. They married a rich real estate developer, and that marriage went tits up...........and now after a decade, we tune in, and the thief is at residence, with two other families, and screaming children.

Oh I will add if you look really hard at this picture, there seems to a lean to on the back of this miniature dungeon, and that appears to be the address of the thief.
It appears that the mansion is about 12 by 25 in some kind of bedroom with a mailing address.

I think the thief is plus 40 now, so her world is over. No more men wanting her pussy she has for sale and exploitation, unless it is some fat slob the 20 year olds do not want sweating on them.

When one weighs in the balance of all the dreams one thinks they will have come true and what they will be living like at age 40, I highly doubt it will be 2 divorces, dozens of different penis inside you, paying rent to someone who owns the house, and pretending you are Gramma which is defined as, "You watch those screaming brats while I go out with the girls and bring some Mexican home to fuck".

I do not have that, but that is the future awaiting all those who are thieves.

Most people who write can not afford to donate. They are out of work, out of homes, been trusting and someone took advantage of that trust (one of my early faults), suffering from an illness or as is the case for most people, their honesty got in the way of cheating people or stabbing them in the back, to get that big stock account.

I know many rich people. They are miserable people. Some are terrified of death and are always at the doctors. Some buy bling and then eat worse than Mexicans without a welfare card poisoning themselves. Some have cancer. Some have kids not worth a shit. The list goes on, and I know that many of the poor people are afflicted like this and worse too, but the thing is the poor Christian can look themselves in the mirror in the morning honestly and sleeps at night with a clear conscience.

I was telling TL today, that I could be like our kind neighbor in getting a massive government loan, and get a place, and be like him, in not having anything paid off and dying that way. My dad existed like that, and as a child it vexed me horribly. I will not go into debt to get a life that I have sold myself for.

My life like most of yours has not turned out the way I thought it should. I know the thief is not where she thought she should be. I know that she is where she is from stealing from others, and I am where God has me from being honest, foolish in trusting others, and from satan trying to destroy me.

I know a wealthy couple who hate each other, or the husband is so vacuous he does not know his wife who will not have sex with him, hates him as he exists in an inheritance world, which the wife is hanging around for, as she does not want another woman to get that money.
It is the most bizarre of relationships. It is the wife is half blind and working, to pay utilities while the husband makes a house payment, off the Obama investments, owing several hundred thousand dollars on a house which pretends to promote they are better than others.
None of that is living. None of it is Christian. It is not enjoying God's money and it is not helping anyone who needs it as God demands. Sending a bag of Samaritan's Purse deodorant to some poor black kid in Africa is not exactly doing the Lord's work.

Someday the world will be worse for the rich, and better for the poor, as the poor have more sense to flee and the rich stand around not wanting to leave their piles of gold. In the end, no poor person ever jumps out a window in a market crash and rich people do it all the time.


That photo is the Facebook page of a person who stole from me too and told me one night to commit suicide, or brought it up in conversation of "What are you going to do commit suicide?"
This person literally left me for dead, but God avenged and took everything away from her. She is a resourceful whore though in opens her legs to stupid males, and finds one eventually to marry.......think this is her 7th marriage, and is now the facade of morality, as we all know putting baby Jesus on your profile page means you are a Christian.

I honestly do not care about these vermin who have debts to satan and their illusions. I focus on TL and a life I hope for with TL, and if God does not give us our place or if the rich do not donate in their luxury, there is coming a day when Jesus will be telling them that He never knew them, and they will be on their way to hell to be destroyed.

If not for TL, I would be dead, literally. I focus on what I have and not what was stolen or what I do not have. It has taken me quite some time to get there, and it has not been easy with all the murderous death inflicted on us in the past years. I do believe God will make things right, and if it takes until Heaven, then I will be there with other Christians and TL and I will not remember this misery here. I just have Faith that if it does not happen, then God  knows best.
None of that leaves the rich or the thieves off God's balances. God will balance it in Judgment.

Sometimes in life, people locked in delusions and in ghettos of their own making is the worst place for them, because they are sealed in hell already. I know allot of people who should be dying of cancer or rotting hell, and they are still in this world. It is confusing, but I know God is working things out as their iniquity is not yet full.........seems impossible to me, but I conclude some people have bigger reservoirs of evil than others.

I have to deal with a prick teacher at the grocery, but I do not let it bother me, as he searches my face for acknowledgment. He is always smart ass or grouchy. His day is having coffee at a cafe and nothing else really. Seems like a shitty existence to be rich and that is all you have each be an addict in hiding among other geezers as they are too afraid to be alone with themselves, like being on Facebook or being caged in a house with other people whose lives suck, as the whispers always get loudest when alone with satan.

All of these thieves lives are over. They are hostage and imprisoned by being rich and hiding with other liars. I am free in the Lord. My conscience in clear. With Jesus I have fought the good fight.

Lord, Father in Heaven, keep your children in your Care and in Christ's Hands bring them to you, with the Peace that passes understanding in their hearts in Jesus Name, Amen and Amen