Wednesday, November 4, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not conclude there is any reason to write a lengthy refutation to the Rush Limbaugh claim that "he started the Conservative media revolution", when three points will provide all the evidence that Rush Hudson Limbaugh is a pathological liar.

This will be known as B L, or Before Limbaugh, or as it sounds phonetically, BULL attached to SHIT, in refuting Rush Hudson Limbaugh III that he started Conservative media.

First Point: There was a man who had radio spots all across America BEFORE LIMBAUGH. You might know him, as he was doing this throughout the 1970's in his name was Ronald Reagan, the father of modern Conservative media.

Reagan, In His Own Voice: Ronald Reagan's Radio Addresses

Reagan In His Own Voice features Ronald Reagan's radio addresses from the late 1970s. Edited by Kiron K. Skinner, Annelise Anderson, and Martin Anderson, they are ...

Second Point: In 1980 AD in the year of our Lord, there was a Conservative Patriot from Texas, who owned the Texas Rangers baseball team, before he sold it to George W. Bush, in his name being Eddie Chiles.
Mr. Chiles daily set the radio standard as a Conservative, in assisting Ronald Reagan's election, in "What are you mad about today Eddie Chiles!" This was a wonderful common sense spot which accomplished more in a minute than Rush Limbaugh does in 3 hours each day. 

I'm mad too, Eddie - Estate of Denial

Announcer: Are you mad today, Eddie Chiles? ... In addition, 210,000 I'M MAD TOO, EDDIE stickers have been put on hard hats and bumpers from Denver to Houston.

Third Point: One does not just "start talk radio". Rush Limbaugh had a backer, who in Mockingbird understood, that a presence was necessary to roll back liberal media as America was moving toward a revolution under Jimmy Carter.
This was an intelligence operation from the start in a branch of the CIA. This operation was a link to the Reagan Administration,  through the fine CIA Director William Casey and Ronald Reagan's minder, William F. Buckley of the CIA.
Mr. Buckley also started Capital Cities group with ABC to form a right wing presence in media, and that is who buoyed up Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh was simply a poster boy as John McCain outed him in being an entertainer with a script written for Limbaugh.
Later when the GOP gained control of the US Congress, in another intelligence operation, they tapped foreign asset, Rupert Murdoch, to found Right Wing Media, in FOX. Which has now been overthrown after criminal spying activity and pressure from the Obama regime to once again back the Obama elite, as witnessed by their savaging of American, Donald Trump.

ABC (CIA) and the rise of Rush Limbaugh. - Huppi

... especially as embodied by Rush Limbaugh. ... ABC was taken over by Capital Cities, ... One of Capital City's early founders was William Casey, ...

Those are all the facts and for Rush Limbaugh to pronounce that he founded Conservative Media, is akin to Al Gore turning on Windows 95 and announcing that he created the internet.

Rush Limbaugh, a liar again, and this time being despicable in plagiarizing Ronald Reagan and Eddie Chiles, and all the work of William Casey, CIA Director......not just the Lame Cherry for which Limbaugh now owes with interest 12 plus million dollars to this blog.

Before Limbaugh, there were the real Conservatives of media keeping the moral flame of that Shining City on the Hill, in Ronald Reagan and Eddie Chiles,  while Rush was off still sucking his second wife's tits as foreplay for the third.

Nuff Said.