Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A warning to Americans: IRA, Islamic Republican Army of Canada


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most Americans could not give a damn what goes on in Canada as thinking about Canada is like thinking about the ice cube tray in your fridge. You want it filled and cold, and then you think about important things like three fingers of Southern Comfort to give  the ice a reason for being.

There is a problem which is being implanted in Canada which is the greatest terror threat to America. The bragging of this comes from a liberal in Canada, damning the now defeated Conservative leader of 10 decades for the son of the last head up their ass leftist who started all of this in the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I realize most of you reading this had no idea Canada had elections, leaders or more than Dudley, Nell, Snidely and The Inspector up there as William Shatner settled in America, but I swear there is a nation up there, and people who are being Ethnically Balkanized as is Germany, France, England and America.

I am going to give a few gems from the Planned  Canadianhood aborticidist who wrote this in just cumming over that Muslims are now in the Canadian Parliament, and they got there, because Canada has as many Muslims as Bahrain.

In 1971 there were 33,000 Muslims in Canada, the earliest group being Bosniaks. In 1981, there were 98,000, now coming from the Muslim East, by 1991 it had climbed to 253,265, and by 2001, more than half a million. As of 2013, there were more than one million Muslims, 3.2% of the population, and Islam is now the fastest growing religion in Canada.

In contrast, there were three Jewish MPs before the 2015 election, now five, and like their Semitic cousins, all of them Liberal and all of them new to the House of Commons. Jewish Canadians comprising 1% of the population nationally.

I hope you caught that in 4% of the Canadian population, jammed into each other in their own conclaves, in their cities are Muslims and Jews who are transplants that hate and murder each other.

So now we have liberal AKA communist Muslims who are Muslim Brotherhood tight. We do know from the talking points that Muslims have a way of taking all things politically they can, and then for some reason they start burning down Paris or finding some Obama to fund a CIA project to decapitate Khadaffi and install the neo terrorists.

How long do you think it is before some tasty bombs start appearing in US cities.........just like bombs appear in Israel and Syria from Lebanon and Turkey?

I really do not care if Muslims blow up Canada or Canuck Jews get hacked by Muslims as Jews get hacked in the Israeli state. Makes no difference to me in the same way if dumb ass Swedes get raped by Muslims for letting them in, or dumb ass French get burned up for letting in Muslims, or dumb ass Germans get dead for petting Muslims too close. Does not bother me either when nukes go off in liberal New York City, as dumb asses get what they cuddle up for.

What I care about is idiot settler Jews eating rockets, idiot rural German, English and French tards getting a slash of Sharia Law. Same way I care about Americans finding Canadian terror gifts blowing up in our mailboxes, because Canada has a profane history of exploiting American nonsense like selling booze to them in prohibition by the boatload.

I am factoring this out, that Canada is probably 5 years out before their women get raped enough in numbers to start dying their hair brown from blonde as Muslims like blonde pussy in Sweden. In that, I give it 10 years or some new Muslim outrage against the Great Satan, will have bombs going off in America.

For Canadians celebrating all of this, it occurs to me in another Inspired Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that if Jesus does not return, the odds are that these disunited States are in the near future, are going to be bombing Canada like America does Pakistan.

I have no problem in blowing up Canada. I know a very intelligent Lady in Texas who would make a great Premier of liberated Quebec. Probably by that time, enough of the liberals of Canada would be dead or raped or hiding from turban heads, that we could really make something of Canada.

Problem is no one knows how many Muslims are in America. Might be 5 million or who knows after Obama imported them wholesale. Makes one wonder how long it will be, before some enterprising Islamist just joins the military and saves the Canadian imports their job and drops a ton of weaponized small pox all over America as a final solution.

Let us not though digress, as this is about the Islamic Republican Army of Canada. I am all aglow now waiting for the reports of katyusha rockets raining down on North Minneapolis Jews from Ottawa Muslims. Think of all the excitement. Winnipeg bombing Fargo. Montreal bombing New York City........Detroit bombing Chicago.

We should all be thankful for this advancement of liberals..........hell Ireland has more Muslims than a whole new era of not the Irish but the Muslim Republican Army nuking London.

What a great day it is. Canada becoming the Lebanon of the New World to start a war with America. What a great era this will be. America will not have to go to Iraq to blow things up, but can just bomb Canada from Minot North Dakota.

Yes I can see it now, Jihad Jaq, beheading some dumb damn American who went north for pike fishing and got himself captured. A whole new market for Rapalas just like Toyotas for Obama's ISIS terrorists.

Hell it will be just like Sarah Palin lookin' at Vladimir Putin from her front porch in a telescope. Americans can watch all that fun with their spotting scopes tailgating from a parking lot.

Crack me a Hamms Beer and some Old Dutch chips and who needs them Packers and Vikings eh?