Thursday, November 5, 2015

Baby Got Her Airbrushed Halo


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am interested in why it is there has been a series of intelligence operations attempting to convince Russia that their Airbus flight from Egypt was blown up by terrorists, or as was postulated by Veterans whatever said there was a video of the airliner blowing up, to the ludicrous story of a US spy satellite, just happening to capture a flash of the Airbus, proving it had blown up.

The Lame Cherry has maintained from the start that this old Airbus, began breaking apart, It's left wing was part of a structural failure, and the fuel ignited.

For those who have forgotten, there have been several stories of airliners blowing up, due to faulty wiring in fuel tanks, where jet fuel in an enclosed tank, blew up. That is what the experts at TSA were finding, and concluding.

Thai 737-400 Fuel Tank Explosion - 3 Mar 2001

... been running for some time when the fuel tank blew up as the plane was being ... ignition of fuel vapors due to the generation of sparks and a ...

I am not going to debate my inquiry reality which has proven correct previously numerous  times. I am interested in why it is Jerome Corsi on Coast to Coast with Barack Noury is pushing the bomb scenario, as much as the US Obama intelligence services, along with Sperm Ejaculator into Pig Mouths, David Cameron of England, in promoting a version without any evidence.
In all other cases, the Obama regime in terror events can not stress quick enough that there was not any terrorism, but in the Russian flight, all they are doing is whispering terrorism.

That is the story in this, in this jet crash, is being used in an attempt to goad Vladimir Putin, into striking hard against ISIS.

There have been whisperings, since the Lame Cherry published first and exclusively, that after being humiliated, the Obama regime was attempting to turn Syria into another Vietnam for Russia. I have explained that Syria is not a jungle or mountains like Afghanistan. Syria is perfect for technical long distance warfare. It will not be a Vietnam or Afghanistan.

Logic would be that in the short term this will be a "Putin is a baby killer" in piles of babies appearing from cold storage as Russia retaliates.

Longer term, we have George Soros pulling 500 million dollars out of the bond market, meaning that in the not too distance future, bonds or debt trading is going to tank.....meaning American debt is not going to have value and America in Obama debt is going to be economic scorched earth.

I have mentioned previously that all of this debt is a criminal shell game. The elite are going to start a war, a very large Eurasian War to balance the books and hide the crimes. This bait and switch of the Russian airliner, where once again Russia is the reasoned response and American Mockingbird is sounding like one of the hundred Kennedy conspiracy diversions.

That is what needs to be focused on not the Airbus. Watch the Russian calm response. This is all as vital as Angela Merkel is a Pole ruling Germany to the Fatherland's genocide, as Birther Obama is a Chinoid from Asia, aborting America.

Mr. Putin is aware of the trap being laid for him in the piles of dead babies which were stockpiled. He knows this because Russia like everyone with a computer in this world, hacked into the Obama regime via Hillary Clinton's email server which was set up for that purpose in quid pro quo.

I post this, because I am aware of the propaganda about this Airbus is contrary to what this blog reported. I add by God's Grace more insight into the stories, and to stand by what the inquiry stated.

The cartel is going to attempt smear Vladimir Putin. In posting this, we shall see if it is diffused.