Friday, November 6, 2015

True Religion

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Many people attack organized religion, but I have never heard one of these assaulters on religion ever quote a Bible verse to prove that organized religion is a bad thing and not of God.

Ok sharpshooter here is your opportunity to prove how bright you are in all of your Christmas is bad, you can only say YAWEH and God hears you, and that all these religions are what you claim.

Come on now, Jeopardy music is running.......

Give me a verse.........

Scrambling for your Bible..........yes you can barely lift it for all the dust..........wait.......what is that, a tomatoe plant growing in all that just a reflection of you as weed in God's garden as you produce nothing but sin.

Ok music over...........still no answer.

So let us discuss this, as found in I Timothy chapter 6....jump in the middle of verse 2.

"Teach these Truths, Timothy, and encourage everyone to obey them. Some false teachers may deny these things, but these are the sound, wholesome teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are the foundation for a Godly life.
Anyone who teaches anything different is both conceited and ignorant. Such a person has an unhealthy desire to quibble over the meaning of words. This stirs up arguments ending in jealousy, fighting, slander, and evil suspicions.
These people always cause trouble. Their minds are corrupt, and they don't tell the Truth. To them religion is just a way to get rich.

Yet True Religion with contentment is great wealth."

What St. Paul is  telling Timothy is simple. This starts out telling slaves to give respect to their masters, so not sully the Name of God, by their being bad examples. Paul goes on to tell people, that if their master is a Christian, there is even more reason to have harmony in that relationship.
While it is not stated, the owners or the rich, have a greater responsibility in being humane and caring for those in their employment. It is always a symbiotic relationship of both sides being good, and the lower class having more responsibility for the peace they command, while the upper class have more slave status in being responsible to those masses under them.
No one gets a free ride.

This dovetails into the reality of, every Christian is responsible to employ Christ's example of obeying the Father's Laws to bring a relationship with God in Spirit, to bring peace at home and peace in the community. Once the foundation of peace is set, the worship of God is able to flourish as that is what "religion" is.

Note though as some will have jumped on this to take it out of context. There are always those seeking control. They get into organized religion to gain control over others. They are all through society in nitpicking about some damn Hebrew word translated into Greek, and nattering on pronunciations, to try and bully people to their way of thinking.......which is "Obey me as I am your god", as they do not like others being independent and having revelations from God.

They are liars, always causing trouble in the community and a Church, if you find on there, but in most cases they are off in some "home worship" facade where it is the fact they tried to bully some preacher into submitting to them, and failing, they are now off promoting this "everyone does what seems right to them", which is a devil's license to sin, and causes all sorts of problems in the Book of Judges.

You can see the motive of this type of religion by penal code, and it is to gain money. Money comes in all forms from power to standing. The Vatican is an example as are all the false relgions which place clergy between you and God. They whip out the weapon of they hold the power of forgiveness of sins, when that is Christ's Office, which in Apostles is bestowed upon the Faithful, to assist those who need an earthly voice they can hear to free them from the whispering of satan dragging them down in past sins.

The real riches St. Paul states as Christ taught is contentment or peace as Christ gives, as the True Religion which is the great wealth. This peace allows the Christian to arise each day, not burdened by past sins in being forgiven, and conducting their lives according to God's Laws so that they are not deliberately sinning, and  causing more internal strife in them, their homes, their communities and their nations.
To which, these Faithful then lay up the True wealth in Heaven, in being greater Spiritual Lights to Glorify God in their offering to Him, being cleansed by Christ, to be the Spiritual Body of the Father in this great family of God.

Israel as God made them, were a Congregation or Church. The entire nation was a priestly nation, all ambassadors by their moral lives, to show the world that God's Way brings peace and prosperity to a nation, and strength to defeat those nations which would harm God's People.
America was laid down by God to be this people, and America and the people of the West have fornicated with satan, and adulterated themselves to the world, in rejecting the Reformation of Martin Luther in God's deliverance.
One day, the Faithful will form the Kingdom of God and Christ stated in His earthly 1000 year rule, as Royal Priesthood and an example to Gog and Magog. Now the Kingdom of God is the scattered Lights of Christ shining through the Faithful in this dark world.

Most of you children are children. You need a  True Religion which is organized, as you benefit by someone preaching at you, ministering to you, and associating in a Church with other children. It is your nursery to build and grow you. For those frauds who are on the outside of organized Religion seeking your own dictatorship, God knows what you are, by the discord you continue to sow.
Some like myself are rare in being better suited to the daily disciplines of being in God 24 hours a day. It is more taxing, but it is the exception I am, to those who need to be ruled for their own growth like a tomatoe growing in a terrarium.
It would be far easier to be you in forgetting prayers, having dust on your Bible, and making 2 hours on Sunday your religion, than what I am moved to do. I do like Churches in the ones with the Holy Ghost in them, as little flames all joined in ignorance praising God is a nice experience to feel as it resonates, but I will not allow satan to seize an authority over me to exploit to destroy me. Holly being dead in part from a preacher's prayer to get me back under his control is something I will not repeat, as I submit only to Christ.

That dear children and brats is the reality. As St. Paul taught in Christ. There is no followers of Paul, no followers of Peter, no followers of Mary the Mother of God. There are only Christians submitting to Christ, and in the majority of cases benefiting from a True Religion which is 100% Biblical Law as Christ followed.
Most of you are sprouted seeds in too cool of soil and are laying there not putting down roots. To remove you from your religion is akin to Spiritual murder, as a child ripped from a womb in aborticide, as you do not have the development to not be burned up by satan or deal with the weeds trying to tell you that organized religion is all evil and you are going to hell.

Be thou Faithful unto death, and Christ will give you a crown of Glory. Try all things in testing them, not in ranting diatribes which cause turmoil, but led and confirmed by Scripture, study, meditation with the Holy Ghost quietly, and then if things do not fit what Christ teaches, be aware and be planted in the location the Holy Ghost has prepared for a garden where you are required to produce Spiritual Light in this dark world, as you grow in Christ.

True Religion is not bad. A great deal of organized religion is now corrupt with false teaching, and the worst of it, is false teachers abound everywhere now. The West has sqaundered it's Martin Luther cradle and moved into a worldly brothel where it requires effort to always be aware of the religious around you, so that you do not turn into that fig tree Christ condemned in not producing fruit, and be removed from this world in an instant.

If you are wondering about yourself, you have a conscience and at least the Holy Ghost is working in you in your being honest. If you are thinking you are the expert in life, then you are working for the devil and satan is working through your arrogance.
The point being, until God writes something in stone that says your writings are the next addition to the New Testament, you should realize that you are a humble servant of God, whether you are a millionaire or do not have a pot to piss in.

Everyone of us, would do a great deal better with one more Bible reading, one more prayer, and one more moment of worship with other Christians to uplift us and to grow us for God's Glory, and that includes even me. That is True Religion.

No matter how rich you get in religion or this world, it all comes down to the one fact, "Either you are a slave to the world or a servant to Christ", both vocations have you answering to others, in the world it is to debt, decay and debt, and in Christ it is Peace, Joy and Love.


Photographic painting above credit
Minnesota Photographer Eric Enstrom, 1918