Monday, November 2, 2015

Beelzebub's Flies


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL and I had enough today after the murder of Jubal. So I am not in the mood for shit for brains.

While I have not reviewed the evidence which was collected in the Arizona fringe story of strange fibers all over the landscape which are being linked to chemtrails, when I saw these fibers, in Arachnology, I immediately thought these are balloon spiders.

Not all spiders are produced in the summer or over winter in egg sacks for a spring hatch. Many are of a genus which hatch and reproduce in the autumn in America. Typically in the west of America, there is a Squaw Winter, or a short cold snap, followed by an Indian Summer, which different class of these spiders hatch out, and lighter than air, launch their miniature bodies on long strands of web to colonize other locations for the next season.

They can be quite annoying when they hatch in getting all over you, your wiping your face, spitting the cobwebs out, as one rarely witnesses the spiders, but instead sees the strands on weeds and bushes with their shining frosted weave.

My assessment is this is not fibers, but an act of nature, to be celebrated as all of these spiders will be keeping a pestilence from taking place next year.....providing Monsanto does not scorch the entire earth.

Not everything is some shadowlands project. Some things are natural. Sometimes it is interesting in how this blog started posting about demons as aliens and that these big feets are projects not of this world, and suddenly there are profits being made by these exclusives.

the cost of this blog are too high. I ponder that in wondering if this is a revelation of my lack of development in I can not fend off a billion evil of you and demons.

We went trespassing as I tend to not give a damn about borders of rich people. Twas the farm of a widow, who remarried, and her brat sons were displeased as mummy's twat was only for dead daddy and no one else, as she was only to let the boys suck on her nipples. So she is old, the kids abandoned the place, except for high priced rent, and mummy is in the geezer home abandoned and punished, waiting to die.

We discussed where we would build our house, overlooking a creek which chatters as beaver have damned it up. I would call this paradise, but bratty boys just think heaven is existing in a 9 to 5, punishing mummy to death, and charging the people who did not sell me my Grandfather's homestead to farm it.

No wonder they get along. Be roomies like most of you in hell.

Time to wrap this up, as I have had enough of today, the past weeks, the past months, the past years.

I have beelzebub's flies and the spider's web has you. I think I am going to comprehend what to do with them.