Monday, November 2, 2015

Jack Yantis: Why I have nothing but contempt for the Police


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following story is why America needs to graduate to Citizen's Courts as American Lives Matter.

Jack Lantis has a pasture and it is in Idaho. That pasture has roads going through it, where stupid fucking no brain urbanites drive around and can not see 2000 pound bulls in the road. It must be all the cow shit snapping gravel off their tires, striking their Chevy suburbans which does not provide them a clue.

So these two dumb fucks, hit this bull as big as a Volkswagon. The crash takes place and the EMT's arrive, and the bull for some unknown reason does not like being run into by a vehicle.
For a reality check here, bulls are quite durable, and unless a leg is broken on them, they do survive getting hit by large vehicles.

So the bull is upset at being assaulted, and the rancher, Jack Yantis shows up with a gun, to protect his property as the EMT and Cop dumb fucks, have no idea how to handle a bull. Maybe something like cordoning the crashed vehicle off with their vehicles might be how someone not with shit for brains would handle the situation.

Nope not for Obama trained shoot to kill everything SWAT. They immediately start shooting the bull, which Mr. Yantis attempts to protect, as they do not give bulls in 5000 bucks is not unheard of for one bull.

 A gun fight takes place, and two young cops murder an old rancher, who everyone loves in Idaho.....for protecting his property from dumb fucks who have shit for brains.

This gets better, as Mrs. Yantis upon hearing her husband has been murdered, has a heart attack, so the cops almost murder her too, as she makes it to the hospital.

Let us review this for a moment.

Dead Yantis Bull.

Dead Jack Yantis

Almost dead Mrs. Yantis.

On the cops, you got a graze, not as in grazing cattle, but a grazed shot, their still being paid for murdering people and bulls, and the two dumb fucks who started all of this, now raising your insurance rates as they are driving like bats out of hell on off roads in pastures, are alive and being Obamacare treated. Obamacare for dead Americans and bulls.

Justice is not going to be done in this. These two murdering cops in a Citizen's Court would be found guilty and hung. Their property confiscated and if every mother's son of them run out of the country down to Mexico.
Same for the suburban fucktards who started all of this. They are as guilty as murder as the cops.

I loathe people on my roads. I long for the day that the Great Tribulation has them piles of maggot shit which I will probably piss on after drinking a beer to salute God for wiping these culls from the planet.

I hope that Mrs. Yantis recovers and lives long enough to pop a Coors and take a piss on these maggot shit piles which were these murderers lay rotting.