Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Coming back to Play


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about Ellie today. Ellie is a doe goat, 3 years old, whose big older brother was born on the day that Mom and I came back from visiting TL. The buck died at midnight, and Ellie was basically Mom's room mate when I was away.
Ellie was featured here, flagging her ears in attacking my foot in play.

She has been having a time of it in demonic attacks. Gouged her eye out in being spooked by that demon, cut her head, and she suffered from what is basically Goat MS. She is a sweet girl who always would murmur to me when I was in the pen in checking on her or getting her up. I would have put her down, except for that. She would have died a week ago, but I rescued her. I found her today dead. Her head under her body like the too many other dead animals murdered around here.

Mom has a story about Ellie in she was listening to a Church service, and every time Ellie heard, "Hallelujah", she would answer it with a bleat of her own.

I was thinking about Ellie in how the original Medicare was a wolf. You never saw sick animals, except being surrounded by a pack ready to eat them. The same with sick people, you saw them, because they always had pneumonia from some other condition. People never died of modern diseases, as the body weakened and the person died of being drown in their lungs instead.

I am sort of numb to all of this now. A kitty with puss coming out of his eye from only satan knows where to Ellie the discovery this morning. I focus on instead Joan having our animals in Heaven or their coming here again to play to let us know they are around.

A goat praising God. That was an interesting little doe. I suspect now I am being prepared as I told TL today, to be eating a sandwich while stepping over all of the dead bodies.
I doubt you will be coming back to play.