Wednesday, November 11, 2015

When HAARP meets Nuclear Fallout

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I feel sometimes not so much as someone who resides in the future, but more as someone with the lost knowledge when it comes to nuclear warfare. All of this is important as people who were old enough to be aware of the fundamentals of nuclear warfare, have either forgotten the information or not paying attention.

What this is about is a national security reality which for America, as much as Canada and Mexico. I will explain as follows.

One of the talking points for the Strategic Air Command briefings to Americans dealt with that in a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union, America had a more survivable air current structure than the Soviets. In America, the air currents or weather patterns would produce a north south air flow, so that several regions were created. I explain this as, if Denver was nuked, that air flow pattern would either move it over a finite area in north to Alberta Canada or south to Texas. That does not sound all that thrilling, but a strike on Moscow would spread from west Russia to the east Russia of the Pacific in fallout.
In effect, some massive nuclear detonations in the eastern Soviet Union, or even the old Warsaw Pac would produce fall out all over Russia.

That is why the reality of HAARP in weather modification is one which has flown under the radar in a much more devastating issue in the nuclear age of terrorism and is covered here in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

America traditionally has prevailing winds, meaning the wind currents blow from certain directions or patterns. In the United States those patterns were westerlies, in northwest cold storm fronts and hot southwest warm fronts. The mix produced moisture in Pacific and Gulf moisture patterns.

All of this has vanished with HAARP in the Obama regime attempting to produce record snowfalls for wilding rivers in GOP states to attempting to raise crops in this American drought cycle.
As of the autumn of 2015, the westerlies are attempting to recharge based upon the El Ninio currents, but there has been such tampering with the weather patterns, that what takes place in America are easterly winds, cold southern winds and warm northerly winds, as these Lo Pressure generated HAARP systems are rolling the atmosphere.

I explain it this way in a 3 dimensional understanding.

Take the Denver example again or Kansas City. Instead of westerly currents compartmentalizing an atomic detonation in north south zones, what would happen with easterly air flows, backing up the fallout, spreading it west?

It would increase the fallout damage to a wide surface area. Now add the 3 dimensional dynamic of HAARP in hyper strong winds which suck air into these Lo Pressure systems, as the top plume super heated by HAARP is mushrooming out.
That fallout air will not just spread backed up over a wider zone, but it will kick back out, both north and south in this dynamic, increasing the fallout zone to a region.

In this model, one radioactive plutonium cloud of dirt and ash, would be driven by the HAARP 50 plus mile an hour winds to a central location, which has been around the North Dakota - Manitoba line. This plume will then boil out like a super mushroom cloud, rolling to the northern Canadian Provinces, to push back south, bringing a concentrated hot zone rain or snow in a storm front.
On the south, this northern Great Plains HAARP Lo would mushroom into the southern US of Oklahoma - Texas. This weather pattern would then spin counter clockwise, dragging this front line across the eastern States.

One highly radioactive plutonium detonation in Denver or Kansas City, would pollute the majority of states east of the Rocky Mountains, were before HAARP, it would have been a few states, with the majority of the fall out taking place over less populated areas of Canada or the Gulf of Mexico.

That is one large nuclear device being a horrid kill region reality. Add what HAARP is being geared to by the Obama regime, and one could witness how a few highly radioactive debris detonations could turn America into a nuclear cesspool.  A dozen warheads would now have the same effect that 500 had previously in fallout toxicity.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. As I have stated, I am the only nuclear weapon's expert left in the Physics of Nuclear Dynamics. This HAARP issue is one which is endangering the entire peoples of North America and it is absolutely unnecessary and it is a reality where the geektards who have been conducting these operations, are not bright enough to comprehend the threat they have generated in their flat world, one dimensional tard science.

HAARP's cause is having an effect of amplifying Eurasian nuclear weapons deployed against these disUnited States of America.

When HAARP meets Nuclear Fallout, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder how long it will be before an intellectual thief plagiarizes this most important exclusive for American survival.