Sunday, November 1, 2015

Condolesences to Fred Thompson


It is an especially sad reflection on the death of Fred Thompson, one of the true Americans, in being not just an accomplished family man, but a Statesman, a fine actor and legal mind.

In this age of Obama and feudalism, I am filled with how much regret there is in Fred Thompson should have been President, if not destroyed by the Romney Cassius Machine which wiped out this Conservative so John McCain would become a strawman to Obama, to pave the way for Hillary and Jeb.

I am reminded of that disgusting Morning Joe referring to Mrs. Thompson as a poll dancer in that Presidential run.

I think of Fred Thompson should have been on the Supreme Court. There never would have been a John Roberts, Obamacare, the sodomizing of America.

I do not regret Fred Thompson  the American, because he is a reminder of American Greatness. He is a reminder of how one man could save the world and change the world, if only he had risen to the place which America had abandoned by her betrayers.

It now falls to the survivors, the Americans in the great epic, to protect the fallen lion's wife and children.

Be courageous. It is better to face God pretending you are fearless, than to face Him knowing you were slaughtered a coward.

- Lame Cherry

May God's Spirit comfort and uphold the family of Fred Thompson in Jesus Name Amen and Amen