Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tom Gresham: Shit for Brains

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Tom Gresham hosts a series of programs on radio and television called Gun Talk. This is important as on Sunday, a caller asked him if he saw Donald Trump touch his waist during the debate and wondered if he was carrying a concealed weapon.

To this Gresham insulted Americans, first by saying that Trump supporters get mad when he talks about them, and then launched into an uneducated political analysis of "Have you heard what Trump said about women?", followed by, "He can't beat Hillary Clinton even with all her crimes.", followed by, "The other one low energy", which apparently is about Jeb Bush.

But who does Tom Gresham like?

Why it is the Canadian ex patriot of Ted Cruz.

For some reason, the Constitution does not matter to Tom Gresham in no one like Obama belongs in the White House, who is a foreigner. Ted Cruz was and is Canadian, as he admitted when he told his mother when she asked him, as they resided in Canada, if he wanted to REMAIN CANADIAN.
Tom Gresham likes the Second Amendment, but when it comes to his bias and prejudice, against a strong male like Donald Trump, or even an accomplished male like Jeb Bush, then it is a point of running toward the Latino on the pet leash as that is the one you are not threatened by.

The problem is America is threatened by Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is for the invasion of America. He rode the Bush family political power coattails and then thrashed them for political gain, and is why former President George W. Bush detests this Canadian carpetbagger.

It is though much more than this, in Ted Cruz's wife, is a member of the globalist Rockefeller group, who authored the White Paper for the North American Union, or the ending of these United States, to be absorbed by Canada and Mexico.

Apparently Tom Gresham also agrees with Obamatrade which is the most draconian law foisted on Americans since Patriot Act, and if you need a reminder of this, Ted Cruz voted for Obamatrade, all the while playing the pied piper for the GOP elite to diffuse the Tea Party.
I suppose you will need refreshing on this one too, of it was Ted Cruz who was going to fillibuster to save America, and showed up not with the Federalist Papers, the Bible or even a book about politics like Mein Kampf. No Ted Cruz showed up with Green Eggs and Ham, in a designed ploy to deflate Americans who were rallying to save America.

Did Ted Cruz stand on the Senate floor like Mr. Smith going to Washington? Talking until his voice was hoarse. Staying there until he collapsed and had to be carried away? No Ted Cruz have getting his grandstanding moment of a few hours of free publicity, WHICH HE HAS NEVER BEEN RETALIATED ON from the GOP leadership, which is proof he is a minder, like Paul & Paul were minders for Libertarians (Thank God they have seen through Rand Paul), and this is the foreign agent of the Rockefellers, like the foreign agent of the Rothschilds which Tom Gresham would choose over the Americans in the race.

For some reason Tom Gresham hates men. In forensic psychology, it may be that his dad, Grits, was one of the most successful and likeable advocates of the outdoors for Americans. Whatever is the case, Tom Gresham is completely deaf to the reality of what women on the left and that includes Carly Fiorina who is another intelligence asset for the Bushcave, have been saying about Donald Trump.

So Tom Gresham gets this, let's just let Tom Gresham wear Donald Trump's shoes for a bit.

Tom Gresham is a snake oil salesman!

-Rosie O'Donnell

Tom Gresham hates women!

- Megyn Kelly

Tom Gresham just taps into angry people!

-Carly Fiorina

Odd how when it is a liberal female walking up and kicking a white male in the nuts, that Tom Gresham never has a problem with the woman being a bitch. Tom Gresham though has a problem with men standing up for themselves and not allowing these bullies bully anyone.

Tom Gresham thinks Ted Cruz is going to beat Hillary Clinton? Cruz is detested by the establishment he serves, is less liked by women than Mr. Trump, and anyone with a brain has seen through Ted Cruz's minder game in destroying the American Resistance.

For the record, this blog has shown that Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton, in a fair election or a fraud election. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with successful, brilliant, accomplished and stable women, who manage key parts of his financial empire.

His daughter had a chief position, his ex wives have no problem with Mr. Trump as he treats his ex wives with respect, because they are not bullies taking slaps at him. His first wife, Ivana, endorsed Mr. Trump. I would bet that Tom Gresham would not get that kind of across the board support for his choices in life from his wife.

I address these morons on the right, who are part of the problem with what is wrong with America, and why Obama is in the White House. They sit on their asses being gun and bullet welfare whores....and yes that is the case as Tom Gresham is a whore for the Obama firearm's industry which is gouging Americans in these out of price guns and ammo, while Tom gets his for the whore rate.
Tom Gresham coos over how affordable guns are. I would like to know what guns are so affordable as I see "cheap" ones at 300 dollars which is not cheap when you are poor! Ammo is like 20 bucks a box which is not cheap. I can not afford the hunting licenses, I can not afford the gas, I can not afford any of this which is by design by the elite and the elite which Tom Gresham serves.
The world of John Olin in cheap firearms and ammo as American Government policy is gone, and Tom Gresham is a pimp for the money whores who put up political puppets like Ted Cruz, put on television sicko lesbians like Rosie O'Donnell who backs terrorists like KSM, and aids and comforts the biggest political criminal in Hillary Clinton in lying that Mr. Trump could not defeat her.

Tom Gresham should be Eddie Chiles old enough, if he was not some George W. Bush drunk back when Ronald Reagan was running, as his types said Ronald Reagan could never beat Jimmy Carter either.

Ronald Reagan won with his so called "women gap" too, and he did it exactly as Donald Trump is builing a coalition of Americans from the right and the left who are not suffering from pscyhosis like Tom Gresham is.
Frankly after hearing Tom Gresham today, I see where the Obama regime has their leverage to deny gun ownership to unbalanced minds. With Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz in power, Tom Gresham would not own firearms as he would be judged mentally unstable.

I have put all on notice that I am not going to allow these assets of the nation rapists to destroy the last chance Americans have in Donald Trump. Whether it is Ruger Firearms or any of these other Obama profit gougers, they are being put on notice that they will answer for their crimes against Americans, and for their sponsoring these treacherous tories like Tom Gresham.

Thank God Donald Trump stood up to these female political assassins to silence them, or else they would be .....oh that is right, they have no problem in the least with the message Tom Gresham is spinning, as........yes Tory Gresham is one of the insiders paid to lead you over the edge and then like Peggy Noonan in 2008, push you over the edge in voting for Birther Obama.

If you need to be informed and that includes this numbnuts in Tom Gresham, the things that he agrees with in Ted Cruz, only appeared after they appeared in this blog, in I first published an outline for candidates to repeal everything Obama...and after this appeared here, Ted Cruz suddenly started espousing it........just like Ted Cruz confirmed this blog's factual information that Cruz was in a fraud who was befriending Donald Trump to inherit Donald Trump's voters when Mr. Trump was assassinated. That is the kind of low life Ted Cruz is............

Oh but that is right, Tom Gresham just adores Ted Cruz.......the same Ted Cruz who invited Donald Trump to appear with him in Washington DC, when it would help Ted Cruz, and the same Ted Cruz who only had good things to say about Donald Trump.......the guy who Tom Gresham hates.

I sincerely think Tom Gresham has RECOIL BRAIN, like NFL Brain Injured players, in too much shock from shooting guns gave him a concussion that his mind no longer is all there, in he is an old guy, who probably needs some medical testing to discern if the family should take the keys from him, before Cruz takes his guns from him..........and before sponsors take his mic from him, for being a traitor to America.

As I stated in DAY ONE of this when I started the movement to stop Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, the stooges the cartel chose to run their Obama 3rd term primary. Donald Trump is the only horse we have to ride out of this abyss who can make it. Get out of the damn abyss first on that one horse named Trump, and then bitch about him in the life he rescued you to!!!

If you are a moron who helped tear down George W. Bush who was America's last hope, then join in the destruction of the President who will save you, as that is what the enemies inside and outside of America manipulate you for.

I hope Tom Gresham gets his head out of his ass, as he has shit for brains, spewing out of his diarhea mouth.

There is far too much of that in this country. Some people are Inspired by God's Grace to form the thoughts of your rescue, and the rest of you just be parrots in repeating it, and then take credit it was your every one of you do.

I would be nice to Tom Gresham if he apologizes for being a shit for brains, and donates enough so I can afford with TL some of those "cheap" firearms, he is fondling all the time.

.....and remember Tom to take it in having shit for brains in correct exposure of what you are, as you expect Donald Trump to take the lies spewed at him.