Thursday, November 26, 2015

First Thanksgiving

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TL mentioned something to me this morning about my telling the First Thanksgiving story. I replied that the one in America was a lie, a fiction, again about blaming White people, and of course how the swarthy skinned natives saved them.

In reality, the Christian Pilgrim Thanksgiving are a God ordained Holy Days, which is called the Feast of Shouting, Trumpets or Tabernacles. You would know it as the Feast of Harvest or the Feast of Thanksgiving to God in America.

The Day is a High Day, in the last of the three High Days to be completed by Jesus the Christ. The first was Passover in Easter. The Second is First Fruits known as Pentecost and the last is In Gathering, or Thanksgiving, which will be the time of the Holy Angels sent out to gather the Faithful in Christ's return for the Harvest of Christians to the Heavenly Father.

This is a historical full circle day which we have before us in our American version, based upon the Hebrew High Days, because today we observe the day of Creation when Jesus as the Word of God, actually formed humans in Adam and Eve.
God placed humans in the earth upon this High Thanksgiving Day as seeds upon the earth and in a coming day of Christ's return, His children will be harvested as Spiritual in the great gathering toward God.

All of this makes Thanksgiving more special when you understand what it all is. As Americans and Western Europeans, we are the children of the Lost 10 Tribes literally, which has been proven from language, to the God of Abraham, to our historical documents stating we are the Israelites. Our Peoples have been called upon to celebrate this day, as our day of creation, as our future when we return to God, and in America, the time when God took His seeds from Europe Joseph and planted them into America for a peculiar people of the Royal Priesthood of Christ.

While our foreparents did not celebrate with turkey and pumpkin pie, they gathered to observe the High Days, or first the scythe and siccle come in the Day of Atonement, followed by the day of the gleaning and in gathering of the fruits of the harvest. That is what Thanksgiving is. On this day, the Word with God's Hands formed people in the image of God, and breathed God's Breath into them. Thanksgiving is not just the beginning of Americans, but the dawn of humanity in God's image.

Rejoice in this fact, that Thanksgiving is the Birthday of Humanity. This is the greatest of Gifts of God for on this day He created all of us, and on this day Christ will bring all of the Faithful back to God. Thanksgiving is the complete circle of life to Life.
It is right and proper to honor God on these days with the best of our Praise and Joy in our hearts. It does not matter if we have crackers and water, for Christ is with us and God is in us, and that is the celebration for God never forgets us and He will take us home at our last breath or the last trumpet.

Now you know the story of the First Thanksgiving. God looked upon it all, and said it was, "Good". You are the best of that Good and as in God loving us first before we loved Him, God was thankful for us as we are now thankful for Him, on this day of our creation.

May the nourishment of the Holy Ghost fill you this day in celebration of God our Father, our Savior Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God, to bring us to the day when Christ will be seated with us in person in celebration at His table in completion of what He began for the Glory of the Father thousands of years ago. Come Lord Jesus quickly, in His Name, Amen and Amen


PS: And as most of America is socked in by bad weather, do not miss this, that your climate change image messiah Obama is what you allow to dictate over you. You threw out Christ, so do not expect God to giving you good weather to go off and be an Obama whore, blaspheming this High Day.
That is what a Loving God does. He stops you from heaping greater sins upon yourselves.
It is about time you rich and wealthy people start funding the Word posted here by your 10 percent of your income as you are mandated by the Bible in the Tithe.

Rainy, Snow, Ice Thanksgiving For Much Of US