Thursday, November 26, 2015

in His Peace


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I remember you saying that tornado dreams are the worst type (badly paraphrasing), and until 2008, I would have them nightly. I am not sure why they stopped. What replaced them was worse. Running. Finding a place to hide. Knowing that if you didn't, it would be worse than death. Waking up in terror.  Those lasted 7 years and stopped. Not sure what that means, as I ask daily for clarification, and I hear no words.

Finally, something I can be useful for today, besides not getting sqaush in from the shed so they are all frozen. "I have seeds for next year, let us be therewith content".

TL and I both had dreams last night of firearms, and they are a great deal like running, finding a place to hide, because something is out there.

My dream was now twice in these hybrid dog type coyotes, and my pet pony was not running the best away from them toward me. I ran to the house, to get a 22, but decided to opt for a larger 223, but when I picked it up, the ammo for it was all this odd ball stuff which would not work. I was very frustrated in not having the right ammo, and then trying my best to remember where the right ammo was.
I finally remembered and started loading the rifle to administer justice.

This is a reflection of a greater part of my life, in the forces arrayed against us, as Christians, and the dangers. How it seems we do not have the right ammunition to counter the threat, but as we perceive the solutions arrive and we will gain the victory.

When people feel threatened, it is a warning in a dream that is telling us something is out there, and we need to prepare. Having dreams of storms, have proven absolutely correct. I have had these dreams and nothing was ever explained in them, but it is a warning of things we pick up in the "combined thought" of others in this world and the other.
Some people have a greater ability. We have cats which have no fear, and cats which are fearful of everything. The fearful ones are the ones who make it.

I am convinced there was an entity about here, that was beating on our cats, and why the recoiled from us. Animals see things, and if some evil spirit or ghost appears, and scares a pet, they are going to flee, because they do not understand.
Belle and Daisy blew by me a few months ago in seeing something that I did not pick up. There are so many times I catch an animal watching something I can not see, but I know it is a spirit of some sort.

LaHire, the kitty that the fox 2 years ago ate his two siblings, and then someone stole him, castrated him, and now he came back.......was gone because a tom cat chewed on him. He is a cat which seems to evaporate and then show up again. It took me all of this year for the Holy Ghost to finally tell me this was LaHire, because he has a little white spot on his chest that showed up in adulthood.
He is named for Joan of Arc's best profane General. I wonder about the ones which disappear and know they are in God's care and hope for a re appear.
I do know sometimes animals do pick things up like earthquakes too, before they happen. It is the electrical charge in the ley lines.

I was reminded of the memory of my Grandpa's cellar. It was musty and dark, and we always went to get ice cream on Sunday from his freezer. It is one of my favorite memories as it was a grand adventure.

I have found that dreams are influenced by so many things. Things we experience, things others we have contact with experience, things of God or the devil and things the matrix of thought is focused upon. It is like a radio in the dial in you at times is switching channels and you just tune into the strongest signal. I would also state that ley lines, trauma and weather fronts charge dreams.
I thankfully have not had any night terrors for years. Most of my dreams are figurative and annoying. I dislike it when someone from my past starts focusing on me in regrets and they pop up as they work out things, and I dislike it in not having the right ammo in a dream, which is more about frustrations from satan in things not going the way I desire things worked out easily.

The thing is the more we focus on things, the more the buzz increases in the frequency being heard or felt. It might sound easier than it is, but it is best to just ignore bad dreams. It helps not to get emotionally attached to them or other words, if I  do not get jerked around by a dream, then satan is not going to use a dream against me as a weapon.

In God, be in His Peace in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

.........and yes I am aware psychologically numbers of firearm dreams are related to sexual nature, but that was not the case in these stuff it to the bed fuzz group who think they discovered something in their wee brains filled with malevolent hate.