Tuesday, November 3, 2015

For the kind words


We wanted to express our appreciation for the kind words concerning Jubal the kitty. May God remember and bless you.

I noticed the yard was very empty today, like when Holly died. Jubal was always there, bobbing her head and looking attentive at us. That is what most likely got her murdered. She had no fear and was in love with everything.
I assume that as she would have been in the house by tomorrow, that is why she was murdered.

Always is the case with the people and animals who are good, they leave a very large imprint and you remember them every time you turn around as Jubal was helping in the garage putting foundation stones in, and sitting on my head.

Baby Belle and Daisy were particularly attentive after Jubal died. I was digging a hole for a post and Daisy had her nose shoved in the hole, and both were chasing after me and playing.

Jubal was so sick when all of this started. She would not come out from the pallets I have stacked here and the cats hide in for TL. One day out she came to me, and that was a daily thing.

I tried to keep her safe, by putting her back, and the little girl would outrun me to where we had started, and I would have to repeat this a few times until she stayed. Grief is a luxury for rich people as I am to busy to deal with things like that. I just literally hate the thing that murdered her for the devil and the rest of you in all of your vile thoughts. She deserved better than to be crunched like that, but then so do many things that got ate by that damn African lion. None of this is about fair. It is just about how evil this world is and it is worse each Obama day.

What comfort is there in at least I did not kill her. At least she did not die like some cave lion cub, sick and freezing in the winter. Dead is dead and what I want is God's vengeance on everyone responsible and I will receive it eventually.

Not much of a record of success, but as Mom counsels, "You enjoy them as long as you have them".

I am so tired. By God's Grace I might if the weather holds, be caught up in two years worth of work. I would so like to regenerate and push a wave out to do the work I have a Gift for.

You will know it when the swarm comes. There are not going to be any monuments or words of peace, or finding good things in this murder. There is going to be retribution, visitation and reckoning. You have gotten away with too much in my pupa phase. Heaven or earth this will get done, pounds of flesh, scraped to the bone, bones ground up, meal to the fire, ashes to the wind, in the Name of Him, it is called done. Amen and Amen