Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gresham Syndrome

As another Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter.

The following is Inspired, and it is something which is necessary to whip your sorry asses into line, so you comprehend a little of who you are dealing with, as most of you have shit for brains, and mistake my niceness for weakness, so your pathetic selves can come by and in evil thoughts murder the things I adore.

This all starts with a Sunday afternoon when Tom Gresham of Gun Talk, decided to go political sniper in assassinating Donald Trump in smearing him, as has been exposed on this blog.
This irritated me, for the simple reason is I am destitute. I do a great deal of work for God and I suffer greatly in all the assaults and attacks which I have to endure as ignorant gun whores for the Obama firearms industry get to have great lives, while I suffer immensely and sacrifice everything in this service.

Tom Gresham like Glenn all of these insiders think they can start a bar fight and then run home to hide under their beds and they can continue on living the luxury life untouched.

When my blood gets up as it does for people of my group like Robert E. Lee, I just start moving with the emotional surge and go with where God guides me. This is such a moment in I have decided to show all of you a lesson in none of you are safe. If you get out of line and piss me off, I can tear you a new asshole and make you such a problem that all of your high priced allies and market share are not going to be your fans or sponsors, as you should have just kept your ignorant mouth shut.

I touched on this in a sort of satire, but now it is going medical in when the left press, gets this figured out, you are going to hear about this in raising holy hell in denying you a firearm.
Now do I want to take away your guns? Not in the least, but I intend in this to make this a liberal attack on the mega Obama gun industry and their gun whores who get all the expensive toys while you get one.

See it makes medical sense that as in football's Mike Webster of the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered a brain injury, as in boxing that Muhammed Ali AKA Cassius Clay, is suffering from brain damage from suffering countless blows in brain concussions, that people like Tom Gresham, who shoot volumes of ammunition, suffer as great and lethal amounts of brain injuries as anyone else, and therefore should be tested as to whether they should be allowed to own firearms, as they are a danger to themselves and others.

The effects of constant mini concussions are as great as a major concussion, as the brain remembers ever jolt, and that is what causes brain damage, is it is an accumulating effect of each blow increases the damage.

Headache from rifle recoil? - The Firing Line Forums

Is it possible that recoil from a very powerful rifle could actually cause a mild concussion to the shooter? I was shooting full power loads in a Marlin 450 Guide Gun ...

An average firearm in recoil has 30 to 50 pounds, which is a very sharp rap which transfers to the brain. The sheer muzzle blast of firearms is from 800 to 3000 pounds. For those who have been around magnum pistols, which Tom Gresham is on record being a promoter of in the 10 mm Magnum, it is a pistol which hurts in feeling like being slapped by metal.

If one listens to Tom Gresham, his speech slurs, and it might not all be Southern. This might be a symptom of brain damage, and is a reason for shooters like Tom Gresham who are handed over thousands of rounds of free ammo and free guns to shoot each year, are in a league as different than PeeWee football to the NFL, for injuries.

Firearms firms making huge profits in the Obama ruling years, have a responsibility in what they are inflicting upon Tom Gresham, as much as a bartender is legally responsible for selling a drunk another drink.
In that Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Marlin etc... are all legally responsible for this, and in this league of chronic shooters like Tom Gresham, we are dealing with wrongful injury lawsuits which could run in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The National Rifle Association also is responsible for all of this, as the right to keep and bear arms is not a right by the NRA to mutilate shooters who having fired so many rounds, have lost mental reason, and need to be protected from themselves.

Now let us review this so all of you get this point. I have told you that given the motivation, I can tear anyone a new asshole. I promise each of you that if I took it upon myself, I could within a week, have all of you gung ho and voting for Jeb Bush, and raise him in the polls to a real victory, with bunting, ribbons and people crying about this 3rd coming of Bush.
In that, I could undo Donald Trump so completely, if I was so moved if he got off the reservation. I have a Gift in this, which I only use for good.

If you have not noticed, I have just provided the the anti gun group with the Obama regime, the keys to the kingdom in making multiple gun owners and reams of ammo users lives hell.......along with.........

Why the American Firearms industry who has been gouging poor people, not manufacturing ammo for Americans, but for Obama's regime.

Retailers selling reams of ammo like whiskey to drunks.

The NRA which is going to have to spend all of that pilfered millions trying to undo this inferno which started on a whim here.

...and then comes Tom Gresham, who is now honored as the Gresham Syndrome, a brain disease suffered by those who fire too many rounds of ammunition.......and now all the masses are pissed at Tom Gresham who should have kept his damn mouth shut, instead of promoting that Canadian fraud, Ted Cruz who is new world order Rockefeller gun grab.

Yes the Lame Cherry has just given the gun lobby the nuclear option and you can thank Tom Gresham for this, along with his Obama profit guns and ammo manufacturers for fucking Americans over for decades, and the NRA for being a gun grabber and backing that ass traitor Harry Reid among others.

Now here is the reality. The Lame Cherry can neutralize this if I choose. I have not analyzed this a like Marsh Robert I just go for the blood flow where it moves me. I do know this is a brilliant strategy as I am going to take the money from the gun lobby, NRA and Tom Gresham, for years to come in legal battles, lawsuits and just making life hell for all of these treacherous agents of the elite.

If I decided to push this in being upset again, I will and this all gets unleashed. So here are the rules:

Leave Donald Trump to do his campaign, and support him, and do not attack him.

Drop the firearms prices and ammo, as you Obama ilk have made record profits under the image and the Birther.

The NRA ceases supporting anti American candidates.

This is a lesson to the deadbeats. By God's Grace, I can take any debate point and turn it into millstone around your necks, and do it with a few words, which is going to take all your toys and all your money.

The great scandal of the 21st century.....sports brain injuries and injuries to the brain caused by shooting too many rounds by certain shooters.

Gee why are there not Surgeon General's Warnings on every firearm and box of ammo....such negligence....such negligence.

I told you if I had the big donation, I would be off fishing, and writing of the Bible stuff and not changing the time line, that all of you rich brats are enjoying life off of my sacrifices.

Now you brats are getting a lesson in who your better is. It should have you sick to your stomachs as you realize what this is all about and what it will cost you. You can thank your gun whore Tom Gresham for this lesson. You keep this up, I will not only take your toys from you, but I will have you all in psych wards.

Nuff said

Let's sing as you came into my hole and now I can pull it in after you.

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