Saturday, November 28, 2015

How Jeb Bush Wins in 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If one invests the time to listen to the Jeb Bush campaign, they sound insane, in speaking of winning in 2016 as their entire campaign implodes and the fag billionaires flee him for Rubio.

I wonder at this, just what is really going on with JEB! though as his people are bastards of the worst kind and so is he in doing anything to win, as has been proven by the FOX set up against Mr. Trump and then the haunting Bush groupies appearing at Trump events to ask "gotcha" questions.

In reviewing the GOP and Democratic primaries, I listen to the Bush people, and their latest interviews point to an odd phraseology of sort of ignoring the first primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, and then mumbling about the states coming next, which would be Super Tuesday, followed by a Kansas led block a few days later, when Bush bastards again mumble something about those 4 top candidates again, and then "winning".

I will be frank in this. All of these elections which involved e voting machines are frauds, or stolen elections. If you recall the oddities of the Romney hover in second place, as somehow Newt Gingrich "won" early, and then disappeared, all point to election much as Harry Reid in Nevada in his voting machines were getting ballots cast for his GOP female contender.

As I have written previously, I believe that Jeb Bush fully intends to hover around as the loser in Iowa. He is massively invested in New Hampshire, and there I believe with vote rigging, he can move to some kind of resurrection to perhaps a second place finish. That will give him the "comeback kid" slogan, as he limps into South Carolina in most likely getting trounced there, and perhaps with Nevada rigged machines, he swings back into the win column like a Romney hover.

It is Super Tuesday they are focusing on though, and that has to do with the reality that everyone besides Donald Trump, is going to be out of money by that date. If one looks at the Super Tuesday states, one has a large proportion of metro areas in populations as in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma etc... which means a vote concentration of e vote machines which can flip an election to Jeb.

So look at the scenario which the Bush people are quoting as if they can view the future. Iowa might be a Carson, Trump, Rubio split. New Hampshire might be Trump Carson, Bush, Rubio. South Carolina might be Trump, Rubio, Carson, while Nevada might in e vote fraud, Bush, Carson etc...

A stolen Nevada election would be on week of Bush bragging about coming back with momentum, and with Super Tuesday being stolen in a winner takes all, all of a sudden a shocked world of Carson, Trump, Rubio and Cruz, would face Super Jeb having a delegate sweep, where once again from March 5th to March 15th, one has those huge metro areas of e voting machines in states like Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Missouri and Florida.........which to stunned GOP voters in no one voting for Jeb Bush, has Jeb with all the delegates who answer to the State Chairmans who Bush has purchased for the convention.

Now do you get this how this wraps up in California, another e vote fraud concentration, and Jeb with his Mockingbird Media will be telling you all, "I told you so that Trump was not going to win", as all of you are unlocking your loaded guns.

That is the scenario in how Jeb Bush steals 2016 like Romney stole 2012 and Obama stole 2008 and 2012. I place this hear utilizing the expressions found in the Bush staff interviews which keep repeating. Bush is at 5% and can not win, so there has to be a scenario which Bush could be called the winner on the scenario his staff has been promoting, or seeding into your minds to condition all of you.

I place this here to inform enough of you, so that this will hopefully scare off these traitors to America which are the Jebcavers.

America must go back to hand ballots, in a record of actual votes that voters can see, with a definitive recount of select precincts to spot check results to match e votes to hard ballots.

I remind all of you, that fairly and squarely, the Lame Cherry announced when Jeb Bush was the proclaimed winner before all this started, that this blog was focused on stopping Jebpanzee. If you notice in this at this date, Jebus has been neutralized and others have followed this blog's call, stating Jeb Bush should get out of the race.
You can thank God for this, but this is not over.

Call this another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


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