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Beef Terrorism


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No one noticed the one thing blog never touched in the confiscation and inflation of your food by the Obama conglomerates, in how American beef was off the table in the power play, but that has all changed, as there is now an Obama terror move to destroy Texas and every other GOP State in the small independent ranchers who are one of the last vestiges of freedom in America.

I have deliberately refrained from writing of this, because in my absolute poverty, the few dollars I receive from beef are what is going to pay the Obama taxes and fines, so I do not end up in prison. It is though the fact, that now that this terror operation is underway, it is time to educate all of you in how the beef industry works in America, as it is connected as Big Oil.

For almost a generation, beef prices which were paid to small ranchers were not worth the costs. In 1960, cattle were selling for 26 cents a pound.  In 1980 beef was 68 cents a pound, but in 2000 beef spiked to 85 cents a pound, and by 2014 beef was up to a 1.65 a pound.

I am going to explain something in how this works. Texas is the biggest beef producer in America. Their land can produce more beef in requiring just a few acres, where some areas of Montana might require 12 acres per cow calf unit.
From 1960 to 1990, the US beef economy was in ruin. Droughts and cold in the Montana areas, had wiped out herds. That left just Texas with the majority of beef. That is when George W. Bush and the infamous Texas Secretary of Agriculture group which I will call the Hightower group, began driving beef prices up on the commodities market, meaning ranchers for the first time in 50 years were actually making a living from raising beef.

Beef Prices Expected to Head Lower Thanks to Growing Herds

Beef prices have been at ... The Lone Star State has the country's biggest beef cattle ... you are looking at a minimum of two to 2 ½ years before you see an ...

I am going to walk you through beef production so you can understand this in what is taking place in the beef terrorism against Americans.

It takes 2 years for cow to be able to produce one calf. That calf then requires 2 year in feeding to produce your hamburger and steak. That is 4 years of investment in major costs that a rancher must deal with all sorts of market fluctuations, as beef is like a cake, you can not just take it out of the oven when you run out of fuel or everything is ruined.

Feeders, that is people who fatten cattle for slaughter. You might wonder why is it that a rancher is at this time is being paid 1.43 a pound, and for some reason your hamburger is 4 dollars. The reason is, the buyers for slaughter pay 1.43 pound for steak, guts, bones, hide etc... and the price is then factored out like in crude oil, in gas is spiked higher to make up the cost of a barrel of crude, as no one buys 90 weight oil.

I am going to use round numbers here so it is easier to understand. In 2014, a 500 pound weaned calf was selling for 2 dollars a pound. That is 1000 dollars initial investment. A cattle feeder feeds perhaps 1000 head, meaning he has to borrow 1 million dollars to fatten  those cattle, and it will require high energy grain mixed with fodder, as fat and protein are required to make protein for your table.

So the costs of this 1 beef animal in feeding has become ridiculous. Straw used to 15 dollars a bale, but is now running 80 dollars a bale. Alfalfa used to be 50 dollars, but is now 100 dollars per large round bale. Allot of Monsanto corn stalks are being ground with corn kernels in order to fatten that beef.

Just estimate that it will be 400 dollars in feed, just to fatten that 1000 dollar animal. That brings the total to 1.4 million dollars for that feedlot herd. That does not include animals that die from heat or disease, the taxes, the need to feed the human family, the fuel, housing costs for that human family, upkeep, so when someone in the Obama conglomerates has started importing foreign beef, which is filled with grubs, has been exposed to things Americans are banned from using in pesticides and hormones, and that 1.47 a pound is 1.47 million dollars as a check, meaning this feedlot manager has worked 15 hours a day, for two years for 70,000 dollars, or in one year of 38, 325 hours of work, this rancher is being paid 91 cents per hour as a gross profit.

Remember in this that a farmers large power loader has a 500 gallon fuel tank and it costs 1200 dollars each time he fills it, and how your cost of living are the same as a ranchers in electric bills skyrocketing,  so at 100,000 dollar loaders, you might figure out by now that these ranchers and feeders are having the bottom pulled out of their lives, as working for 91 cents an hour is a bit cheaper than what Mexicans are being offered.

So you have these massive operations, in their crop prices are all going down in what they raise, and these people all have massive investment in land, taxes, rent, feed, equipment, in most cases of massive debt.
I cringed when my feed store guy, who told me he pays himself 1500 dollars a month out of his business, because that is all it can afford, who just told me that he had over 200 cattle he has purchased, is paying hired hands, and is sitting with over 300,000 dollars in debt, and as cattle keep going down, he is losing money ass over tea kettle.

This is all deliberate and it generates from removing small businesses in America which has been a top priority of the Obama regime. I have written how Big Farm is being set up for a massive fall, in another conglomerate takeover of agriculture in with robotics coming along, the elite do not need farmers any longer. If Jesus does not return, this is the last generation of American farmers and ranchers, as robotics are replacing humans.

Things have changed in America at the base. I have warned you in the US Fish and Wildlife along with all these state game agencies are raising large dangerous predators. Now the one thing that Texas worked as a deal for their fortune, has now come under direct attack to destroy American cattlemen.

You have to factor this out in asking who in this world has such control that in the next two presidential elections, Texas is going to be divested of agriculture and beef prices. That should signal to you that Jeb Bush is not George W. Bush in being beef friendly, and this was the deal implemented by the Obama regime for the conglomerate elite to eliminate Texas power, rural American wealth, and in this crippling seize control of America at the last home of liberty.

This is real economic stealth terrorism. It is going to be a matter of millions of lives are going to be harmed and not all of them will be human. Those pretty dairy calves have been spiked through the roof as "beef", but Jersey's have little meat on them, and when these prices plummet those calves are not going to be worth feeding, and all of those feedlot managers are not going to be able to pay for Angus beef out of the ranches, hitting the ranchers hard, who still have now all that inflated real estate and other inflated prices to deal it is always amazing in agriculture, that farmers and ranchers can not set prices for production costs like Oreo does.

Your food supply is being terrorized. Texas is the primary target and this is a done deal. It has gone unreported, except for the earlier stories of record prices to infuriate consumers, but not a word about beef prices falling........while stock prices continue to be pumped up for the elite in this Obama regime.

This is one of the top stories in what the Lame Cherry has exposed in matter anti matter, as it involves American freedom at the core and it is a terror attack, ending your access to wholesome food at any price.

When the independent livestock and farmers are wiped out, you are not going to be able to afford food at any price.

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