Sunday, November 8, 2015

Launch and Awe


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The confusion over the ground zero event off Los Angeles was to showcase the Pentagon's next phase gizmo. California was chosen as this technology could not be allowed to be "recovered" off Pacific territories by Russia or China. The second part is if this was launched in another theater it would trigger a nuclear response from Russia or China.

This was meant to intimidate China in their new manmade islands and Russia in making Syria a safe place for Syrians.

Military Ops Off Coast Cause Fear, Confusion...
Some thought nuke bomb...
Why is Pentagon simulating attack on Los Angeles?

If you bother to examine this "Angel Fish" array, you are witnessing something which does not make a great deal of sense in what one would expect in typical rocket plumes. This was a nuclear ICBM which is interesting in it burns blue, meaning it has extreme heat burning pure in a violent chemical reaction.
There are not any telltale hypersonic signatures.


This was not the trademark Trident II. The telltale "normal" plume and the hypersonic bubble is built for payload. This is a light show to be seen for a reason.

Some Presidents fly Backfire Bombers to send messages. Some Presidents shadow aircraft carriers with submarines. Some Pentagons in revolt against image Birther occupiers of Presidencies, bring out the roman candles as without leadership that is what becomes foreign policy in terrorizing Americans into thinking a nuclear war has begun, and Eurasians yawn at more of the Obama 'you better not do that".