Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hooked On Common Core


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a list of problems for children to solve in the new Lame Cherry version of Common Core. Please take your time in answering the questions, as this is timed, and if you spend too much time, you will be flunked.

Thank you from the Test Administrator.

Question 1:

The image of Barack Hussein Obama spends 1 trillion dollars to not kill his ISIS terrorists in Syria, but Vladimir Putin spends 100 million dollars to destroy ISIS, on a ratio of what each person spent, what is the cost of 300,000 dead innocent Syrians in Obama's expenditure to Putin's dead and fleeing of 50,000 terrorists?

Question 2:

Ben Carson has lied about being offered a West Point scholarship, that Joseph built the pyramids in Egypt, knifing a boy in Detroit and that Jesus gave him test answers in school. If Mr. Carson continues to tell one whopper a day, how long will it be before he takes over Bill Clintons 8 years of whoppers in Mr. Clinton telling one lie a week?

Question 3:

The Cuban Marco Rubio and the Canadian Ted Cruz, want amnesty for Mexican invaders who now number 40 million criminals. At a rate of 1000 invaders per day receiving amnesty, in what year will all of these invaders be processed?

Question 4:

If in theory, ugly weighs more than beauty, how much would Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina weigh on a moon having 35% the gravity of earth?

Question 5:

Donald Trump sets records in every Presidential debate and sets viewer records on Saturday Night Live, how is it that the media does not report Mr. Trump's real polling numbers?