Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Look Mom A Nuclear Bomb


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I get fed up with bullshit about Iran not having nuclear weapons, like centrifuges were so necessary to get nuclear material.

I would ask you a question as to how many centrifuges America had in use for their Manhattan Project to produce nuclear bombs, but it is just easier to state that they had none, as centrifuges were incapable of being operated.

What America had, is what Saddam Hussein had built in Graphite Reactors, which takes nuclear material and converts it to plutonium, all without a nuclear reactor.

America also had a series of processes which does indeed produce nuclear weapons, and a process which turned out nuclear bombs in a little over 3 years.......not Iran's decades.

It all began in Missouri, in a chemical refining process.

Mallinckrodt Incorporated in St. Louis, Missouri, took the raw ore and dissolved it in nitric acid to produce uranyl nitrate. Ether was then added in a liquid–liquid extraction process to separate the impurities from the uranyl nitrate. This was then heated to form uranium trioxide, which was reduced to highly pure uranium dioxide.[124] By July 1942, Mallinckrodt was producing a ton of highly pure oxide a day, but turning this into uranium metal initially proved more difficult for contractors Westinghouse and Metal Hydrides.[125] Production was too slow and quality was unacceptably low. A special branch of the Metallurgical Laboratory was established at Iowa State College in Ames, Iowa, under Frank Spedding to investigate alternatives, and its Ames process became available in 1943

The Americans then produced a process of three refinement plants.

Oakridge Tennessee was the S 50 plant in the Manhattan Project. It used  Thermal Diffusion to gain the first stage of refinement. This material was then sent to the K 25 plant at Oak Ridge in gaseous refinement to attain 23% enrichment. This material was then sent to Y 12 in 89% refinement in electromagnetic separation, or cyclotron separation, which is what nuclear bombs are made of.

I will not go into the German Bell methods which are superior as this is not a factor in this lesson, but what the purpose is, is that there are primitive chemical, industrial and electromagnetic refinement of Uranium which will produce nuclear material in U 235 for a bomb.

By 1945 S 50 had produced 6 tons of nuclear material. Little Boy which carried at that time the 110 pounds of Uranium in stock, is all that a nuclear bomb requires.

At this point, a Graphite Reactor can be employed to convert U 238 to U 239 which then decays to Neptunium 239 and then into Plutonium 239.

A chemical process using bismuth phosphate is used to isolate the plutonium from the uranium remaining. In 1943, the process was raised to 90% efficiency in recovery.

The point in all of this is, the reality that all of these processes are known and the plans are available. Any regime could construct the above and produce bomb making material. It has all been invented.

Sincerely, when mule and ox Pakistan and chopstick and kimshi North Korea can turn out nuclear bombs, it is not that rocket science impossible for any nation to make nuclear weapons. If one has an operational power plant, the production of plutonium is even more progressive.

I leave the reality at the sobering reality it is.