Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What the Frac Really Is


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The following are the facts of what "Fracing" really is. I post this as I often here hosts like Jeff Rense make disparaging remarks about this process, and too many of us have seen the Drudge headlines of Fracing causing earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Here are the facts.

The technology for fracing, actually appeared before World War II. It was picked up by the mega corporation of Haliburton, and it was progressed into the 1960's across America, but by that time, it lapsed. The reason for the lapse is Amoco, could go to Saudi Arabia, and sink a well in cheap, and that oil simply poured out of the ground. It was cost effectiveness. Arab oil was cheaper to produce, so the balance of trade shifted from American production to Saudi and Persian production.

You must understand this, that even with the transporting of that oil, it was still undercutting, already extremely low American prices. It was not until the cartel pegged the dollar to oil, that the robbery of America began wholesale, and people have not understood this scam, because no one in oil has ever talked about it, and most of you have never worked a rig.

To explain fracing in America in the current Baakan fields in North Dakota, we have to return to the year of 1987, when a revolution was taking place. I will explain this so you understand it and I am not talking down to you, as most of you have no idea what an oil well is.

The first oil wells were vertical shafts, and that is what the fracing wells were. The problem with that is, the oil is in shale rock which runs horizontal deep underground. The technology before 1987, had drilling for oil, and fracing for oil, but not the two combined. The combination was necessary for the revolution to come, because an oil well had to be transformed from a single vertical shaft, to numerous horizontal shafts running out into the shale from the single main shaft.

That was the revolution, and when that hit, that is when oil was available in North Dakota to be drilled and fraced, because oil prices had been driven up in the 21st century to over 100 dollars per barrel.

Frac oil, needs around 60 dollars a barrel for oil, in order to drill wells. At 10 dollars per barrel after drilling, is what the cost factor is. The Fracing companies when this started had a cost of 12 million dollars per well to sink a frac well. That number is being squeezed now to 8 million a well and dropping as technology and technique advances.

A Frac rig costs around 30 million dollars. It is not the drilling rig, but comes in later, and fractures the shale at about 300 feet per "frac" to accomplish this underground oil shaft system. This is where you have to understand all the Oklahoma "earthquakes" in it is not the fracing which is doing it.
What happens in Oklahoma is water is pumped into the shafts, in order to break up the shale, as it is in North Dakota. That water is a slurry which is then pumped back into underground rock formation holding wells. Oklahoma has such a rock structure and water table, that this is what is causing the shifting of the bedrocks there.
Blaming fracing is incorrect. It is the water situation involved in the fracing, and not the breaking up of the shale.

This brings the explanation to environmentalists such as Jeff Rense who dismiss fracing in being harmful to the environment. I agree that oil development is a filthy business, but it is necessary. As for fracing though, here is the reality of it.

The actual vertical oil shaft is ceramic casing, meaning piping which the oil travels through. This goes through the water aquifer tables, down into the oil shale tables much further below it. The oil is pumped through the casing, and it never touches the water. It is the safest part of the oil production.

Are there problems with spills and leakage above ground by all oil wells? Absolutely there is, but that is not fracing. That is getting oil to run your cars or natural gas to create electricity for your homes, now that image Obama has destroyed the coal mining in America.

Fracing is incredible technology and advancement. It took oil locked into rock, in the same way iron was locked into rock in Minnesota, which was fraced to make all the steel for World War II. It is a safe removal of oil, which is naturally created by earth in deep earth pressures. There honestly is more danger in these pipelines forever leaking into groundwater like the championed Keystone XL or the pollution from refineries, than there ever is with fracing.

The slurry is something which could be worked on, but fracing is sound, and it is improving with each year in competition. Americans should be proud that the greatest technological advancement in the oil industry took place in North Dakota, by independent oil drillers, drilling mineral rights on individual landowners making them wealthy.
As I have warned though, that massive debt for all that drilling, appears to be a way for the cartel to call in those loans and seize all of that oil in the ruination of these companies, in the same way Big Koch took over ethanol and coal bankrupted like Walter Energy is sitting there ready to have nation rapist George Soros grab that resource for exploitation too.

The Mockingbird does not want you to understand what Fracing is. It is why like anti fur, anti meat, anti gun, anti straight, anti Christian, they send out the rent a mob to bomb Twitter with a million posts, and Drudge carries bogus stories about Fracing causing earthquakes in Oklahoma, when that is propaganda.

So you know this, crude oil is going to be set at around 60 dollars per barrel in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. That is from inside sources, and it is set at that price, so that the development of American oil, for export to the world will be part of this Harold Hamm cadre of exploiters.
What I personally demand is safeguards for Americans is our oil should be 10 dollars per barrel and the foreigners can pay for filling up our gas tanks with cheap gas. That is who it worked when American corporations were fearful of World War II generation guns taking all the toys from the elite.

I desire you to be educated and understand what fracing is, how it will pay off the Obama debt, with safeguards provide for you as you should be paid for your oil under your soil, and fracing will make America an oil supplier to all sides as they fight out the Great Eurasian World War which is being staged.

I know that people like Jeff Rense care about our world. He catches a great deal of hell from his venomous guests and listeners who are half assed in running on cartel propaganda. Americans can have the best of both in a clean environment and prosperity, and out of those damned world wars, and fracing is a solution to this. Everyone just needs to stop for a moment, assess the entire situation and then put the priorities of cheap oil, American prosperity and a clean America.

Donald Trump as President would understand this. His Grandfather struck it rich in Klondike Gold in the late 1800's. He began businesses and built housing for that new American frontier.
Mr. Trump's father, did the same in providing homes for returning World War II Soldiers.
The Trump family understands industry and business, and booms. This fracing can be managed correctly so all will benefit from all of that American oil resource not just for a generation, but for generations to come.

Nuff said