Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mixing Oil and Terrorists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a question for you, since image Obama cut off the Canadian oil oligarchs in Keystone XL, which would market a high sulfur inferior oil to China through America, is just how much pipeline is in North Dakota, home to the immense Baaken Oil Field of Big Frac and oil shale?

500 miles?

Or is it less?

As you ponder that for a moment, let me solve the mystery in North Dakota as 20,000 miles of oil pipelines.

North Dakota has as much pipeline as 4 Transcontinental Railroads crossing America. That is a great deal of metal underground.

Oil transport in North Dakota is amazing in the companies implementing it can sink a a great deal of pipe in a very short time. There is an entire undertaking now by the Department of Agriculture in North Dakota which handles all of this pipeline, as the previous companies were leaving boulders on top of farmland, leaving fences destroyed, land torn up, or major sink holes.
The reason ND Ag is so busy rectifying the problems is that North Dakota needs another 20 thousand miles of pipeline in state to move all that oil shale.

It is important to understand this, as this is in America's vital interest as the Obama regime has  the Mideast blowing up, especially since ISIS has it's own pipeline flowing out of Iraq and into Turkey, in a new Saddam Hussein and Marc Rich oil laundering players as it is the Turban heads of Turkey in bed with Obama terrorists named ISIS.

See the Obama types want all the money and comfort that "dirty oil" provides, but they never want to deal with what oil comes with. For example, fagophile Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota, (you remember this criminal who told Minnesotans to get out of Minnesota, if  they did not like being invaded by Obama terrorists), sent a moronic letter which was quite snarky to the Sec. of Agriculture in North Dakota, bitching about that state tying up all the rail traffic in shipping oil.
The problem in this complaint was Minnesota had like Obama just shut down an oil pipeline which would freed up all that Buffett rail service, for Minnesota. Yes Mark Dayton the shit for brains Obamite, not willing to do his share, but blaming others for his being a dipshit.

I state this, because America is going to be having more and more of these tens of thousands of miles of oil pipeline. If one looks around America, cities are always having their streets dug up in replacing metal water pipes in rusting out. These same oil pipes are going to have to be dealt with, and that bill will come due.

This is the infrastructure of oil which is necessary.

What is Canada going to respond with? Their liberalism is on display and that means all the oil sands if shut off like image Obama in Keystone, that means less money for Canada to run the Canuck Soviet.

North Dakota is going to have 40,000 miles of oil pipeline to bring part of America their gasoline and fuel. Minnesota wants to import terrorists and replace productive white Americans with welfare foreigners. For all of this pipelines are the great evil, while terrorists are the greater good.

That is your education on mixing oil and terrorists. Good in OPEC, but bad in America.