Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Mellennial Cure


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This recent affirmation of Millennials being traitors to civilization in a poll, where these sinners who are out of control, are demanding more controls on everyone, because they can not discipline themselves, exposes their inhumane condition.

POLL: 40% Of Millennials Want Speech Censored...

When a Millennial who is incapable of leaving a smart phone off, or not being on Facebook, as they are terrified of being alone with themselves, in accordance with the reality that they can not accomplish anything but parrot what they have been programmed from Obama Inc liberalism, and when they are defeated as Lame Cherry did........then the whining failures report me and have their creeper Mark Zuckerberg ban me when I proved my identity.

The Lame Cherry has a cure for Millennials. It is an age old cure which has proven a perfect remedy. It is called an aluminum child's bat, sold at Toys R Us, and every time a Millennial says or thinks anything, they should give themselves a sharp rap on their skull. I suppose the dental industry would prefer the mouth, so in order to gain thousands of dollars in tooth repair, but that can be worked out among the feudalist and their flock.

The point in this is Millennials are not human. They are not sub human. They are inhuman. They are the culls which God wiped from the earth in Noah's Deluge, the Canaanites, the Sodomites, the American Indian who after 200 years of colonialism from kindly Americans, are still voting for Birther Obama outrage and outlaw.

In the goode olde days, the club was the feature of society which brought order in the vigilante society. Get 500 people beating and kicking on some malcontent, and they learn to shut up, and follow along with the mob.
Look at the Obama example in Lara Logan was to cocky, so the regime sent their ISIS  terrorists in Egypt to finger rape her to terror. Lara Logan has shut up ever since, and all the Obama press has been towing the line. See the mob can be unleashed for Obama evil, or societal good. It just needs to be so intimidating that the police go eat donuts instead of showing up at that Mooselum in Massachusetts who called the cops on a Tweeter who posted this shemale's call to assassinate Donald Trump.
That is what is wrong with society now, in the outlaws are protected by the police state. The Toys R Us bats would cure all of that. It is why cops split skulls on Niggers all the time, as a swelled up skull from a bulging brain in the hospital pretty much cures any Afroid from repeats, as it takes what brains they got from White insemination and renders them back to their heritage.
Some might think that is racism, but  the Lame Cherry is not the one in Minneapolis shooting to death blacks there by the White Mark Dayton liberal police force........yes Dayton imports his Muslims, tells the whites to get out, and then has the cops blasting Niggers on the street to make Minnesota into Dayton's image of Obama.

To start this out, I recommend these Millennials just get a bat and bat themselves over the head. If it hurts and they are awake, they have not done it hard enough. This treatment is not going to knock any sense into these degenerates, but it will get them used to it, so when the mob arises and starts beating these Millennials over the heads with Toys R Us bats, in the little league slugger, the Millennials will not be dialing 911 to report it like, reporting a "crime" that they were fired for someone posting their threats to assassinate Donald Trump.

With any random chance, it seems that 10 percent of these worthless culls will die from brain injuries, as that knock will loosen up whatever is wrong in those skulls, besides being morons. It is a start, and that would mean that 60% more of the under 30 crowd should get culled too. Eventually; history has proven that these culls would just disappear as they would learn like all outlaws that it is better to just let people with brains do the thinking and ruling.

70% of the Millennial is going to have to be removed from society, for society to rebuild itself, free from Obama invaders in Jesuits and Muslims. Otherwise, the West is completely doomed. I would prefer just giving image Obama a flute, and having him lead them all over the White Cliffs of Dover, as they would do this in being that brainless.....having proven that. Until that time comes though, as Obama has been genociding these degenerates in more psychiatric ways, the Toys R Us aluminum bats are the best way to start all of this, in order to save society.

When a group decides it is so out of control that it must destroy the Constitution, then that group is incapable of governing themselves. They have ceased to be people and are animals in need of a pen and a Judas Goat to lead them off to the slaughter.

This is scientific in Darwin. This is Biblical in God. It is the law of man and God, proven historically.

Millennials hate themselves. I hate Millennials. Society hates Millennials. That pretty much  then calls from some aborticide out of the womb, to deal with those tissues who have escaped Planned Parenthood. The Toys R Us bats are perfect for this. They do go off on their own. They do not need ammunition. They do not rust or need oiling. They also are great for thumping predators over the head and for playing softball in the yard.

Yes the new political slogan must be, "A bat in every home and a bat to every Millennial's head".

I just council that first Obamacare get these Millennials to sign off on organ donor stuff, so sexual deviants can use these Millennials skins to make larger penis and replacement vulva's for Bruce Jenner types who have had their brains zapped.

No generation can stand when it is so undisciplined, it can not mind itself.