Tuesday, November 17, 2015

No one is Insane


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

No one is insane, it is just the buzzing of the bees.

Each one of us in the designed insanity of the lawlessness of  America, where those in power are outlaws and the people entrusted to enforce the law, are instead enabling the criminals breaking the law in every division of government, needs to just step back and let the wave of this flow away from us.

We can not be caught in this, because Jesus is the Prince of our Peace. Each of us is greater than the world, because Christ in us, is greater than the world.

Christ teaches us, that having food and clothes, we should be content with what we have. We can not change the world of the chaos nor make any of it serene. The deaths of our pets in being murdered has been harsh, as much as other things which have not been pleasant. My right leg was the target of scrapes and bone bruises for months. I have been injured more than in my life, and I have been hit in the genitals several times this past month in "accidents". I know where it originates, and the Holy Ghost told me today the murder of the pets was again something being worked out.

Honestly, if I did not have this job to finish up, I would be off the internet and unplugged. God has been very good in there have been a pair of cardinals here for some time. They are never here and are a good as much as a sparrow hawks was flying off with some little birdy for lunch this morning.
I firmly believe in regimens. Regimen is discipline and it is what I disciplined myself daily when my mind fractured long ago. Vietnam Veterans as POW's had disciplines in one built an entire house in his head, board by board, and when he was released, he came home and built that home. Ben Franklin was a man of regimen. One starts the day with God and prayer, the Bible to study, one contemplates at breakfast, one goes for a walk to enjoy God, one finds some project to engage in, one takes a nap, one goes for an evening walk after supper, one reads a nice book as I am in Submarine Warfare in World War II which is a free download from archive.org, and then one finds bed with Bible and prayers knowing God loves you, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Everything is so charged now, that each of us needs to unplug, as the reality is, the world is going to keep spinning with or without us. We though do not allow the evil to change us, but continue to do good. Sometimes it might be putting a lady bug back outside, someday it might be visiting a funeral home to tell a friend we care, and some days it might be something we have no idea of, that might change the world for the good of some person.

Wow.  I have never read a more in-depth synopsis than the Obummer Paris post.  You just tied it all up in a nutshell.  Perhaps that is why there have been no posts today....they have impeded your new posts due to the truth that one exposed.  Makes so much sense, but how to get others to see the truth so plainly there?

So much going on, so much evil.  Watched a video yesterday of a young boy interviewed by a rabbi, had a near-death experience from a Jewish perspective.  Says he saw the future and that war is imminent, in months, led by Gog who this boy identified as Obummer.  (I hope you don't mind the nickname, I can't stand to type his name.)

After Obummer's latest performance at the G20 press conference, how can anyone take this creature seriously?  Is the media legitimately showing concerns of his ambivalence or is that part of the Kabuki theatre as well?  I just don't know what to believe anymore.  And there are already conspiracy theories popping up regarding the Paris tragedy.  I jokingly said I guess they're going to conveniently find a driver's license for one of these terrorists and then I read yesterday that they in fact said they found a passport next to one to ID him.  \\\\\\O////////  That is me pulling my hair out.

I could not watch this video which is making the rounds as my net is too slow. I can though from the description know that Gog and Magog appear in Ezekiel and Revelation, and Gog is not Obama, because Gog is associated with a "group of peoples" who populate the world after Armageddon, meaning after Jesus returns.
So this Jewish boy is not correct according to Old or New Testament. God does allow false stories and teachers to appear, for the simple reason of weeding out the Faithful. Anyone teaching anything contrary to the Bible is not someone to be listened to.

The media is a harp to the strings of who is playing it. When the media is no longer strummin' to Obama's olde banjo, it means that someone greater has appeared and is playing a new tune. The image looking bad, like all these treacherous politicians, means there is a greater spiritual darkness pulling the wetware to resonate at that frequency.

Today I got a letter from AFLAC, as Mom pays for a very cheap intensive care unit for me. It was a final notice in the policy is 3 months due and suspended. I phoned the people and I know what they did, in they just did not cash the check, left it rot and then sent a final notice to boot me off the policy as that is part of the Obamacare plan. We sent another check, and I assume that I will get cancelled, but there is no reason to get upset about it, as I still get up with God and go to bed with God every day, and those are absolutes the world can not change.

I am more interested in the rats in the maze. They would tell you that they are in control of all of us, but they are a very cheap entertainment to observe to learn. Will they slaughter Americans next or will they wait for more European mutton? The beauty of watching a rainbow is not having to create it. ISIS says it will make a meal of the DC. That is a place overflowing with evil, liberals and all the wettards who have created all of this mess and are working to genocide you. Witnessing people who are in luxury experiencing the death they would make a joke about if it was me, is something which is. As George Stephanopoulos said, if your adversary is walking over the cliff, you let them.

The world is responsible for what walking into the abyss. I have done my job in warning everyone. I have maintained a Christian morality. As long as one does not cheer the suffering, it is fitting to observe that people get what they deserve, and if ISIS is being armed by the cartel to sacrifice the Judas Goats, who am I to lament the sodomites being culled by their masters.

I have enough to fill my space. There is the negotiation of of trying to turn pumpkin into pie filling, when I have other things going on. I told TL in our walk in the dark as we never have time to walk in the light any more, that we are almost caught up after a year. That is if I have a dozen other things to get done is being caught up, as I apparently ate something wrong or caught something.

So I sip apple cider vinegar tea, 1/8th teaspoon of soda, 1 ounce of acv and 2 cups of cold water, thanking God I am so busy to not be bored.

It is one small victory in God by finding the silver lining, because the world turned over to satan has numerous things in a day to try and depress, break and destroy me.

I do not like reading about the Pope, but God put two Pope books in my sphere, which I believe is again for God's purpose in what is on the horizon. I know from the way I planned my life, that none of this is where I had planned, but I am here by the I AM, and that suits Him, so each day is looking at it, in how God is going to use the day to look wonderful in how much I need Him.

Quiet still voice. Let the world be the asylum it chose to admit itself to. The storm moves away as long as you do not move with it.