Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pandora's Bush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As they did, the clouds parted and the sun shined through onto the simple wooden box.

-George W. Bush
Decision Points
page 117

While both are deemed "correct" by scholars with heads up their asses, the above should have been "the sun shown through", as the sun shines, it's light shown upon the world, but one gets their shoes shined.

I wonder about responsibility.

I wonder about the reality of history being the judge of President George W. Bush, who appears in the moment of his memoir in time of 2010 AD in the year of our Lord, as a self righteous intellectual who had all the bases covered in things looking "right" in that year, but in just five years, by 2015 AD in the year of our Lord, the world in the Obama Abyss, had Bush43's stellar Justice of Character in John Roberts overseeing the overthrow of the United States Constitution in rationed death Obamacare and sodomizing America.

In 2010, John Roberts looked like someone for George W. Bush to laud, but righteous Americans now lament and curse the day George W. Bush appointed this traitor to America in 2015.

George W. Bush in his Decision Points memoir, writes an entire chapter on Stem Cell research, and he apparently agonized over that decision, talked to all the brilliant minds in the world, including Pope John Paul II, who suffering from Parkinsons Disease, vehemently waived off using human body parts to save others, but when it came down to it, George W. Bush, like Dr. Ben Carson, reasoned like Dr. Jocelyn Elders of the Clinton tenure, "Well, the babies are dead anyway, no reason to not use them as that would be a waste".

"What if I authorized federal funding for embryonic stem cell research - but solely for existing stem cell lines? The embryos used to create those lines had been destroyed. There was no way to get them back. It seemed logical to let scientists use them to pursue treatments that might save other lives. But that raised another question: If I allowed federal funding for research that relied on destroyed embryos, would I be tacitly encouraging further destruction?"

- George W. Bush

George W. Bush laments that all hell broke loose from democrats and from greedy researchers, as a few human body parts was not enough, and they demanded more. It became a demagoguery of Bushism, that had John Kerry's Vice President in John Edwards telling Iowans that when John Kerry was President, that actor Christopher Reeves would walk from stem cell research.

This though is not about the chaos of Democrats created for another political exploitation of the unprepared politician George W. Bush, but more of the reality that such a political movement was started, along with a well funded campaign demanding more body parts from babies.  That when researchers did find they could create stem cells from skin tissue, George W. Bush might have felt vindicated as Charles Krauthammer opined, but the meat grinding machine which President Bush43 kicked into gear would become the monster of 2015 AD in the year of our Lord, once again exposing the well trusted "history" of George W. Bush being exposed as another one of his colossal mistakes destroying people's lives.

"The reality is George W. Bush in policies like stem cell research was a single virus, which in the lawlessness of the next regime, became the Obama pandemic of Planned Parenthood butchery of living children for sale of their body parts".

- Lame Cherry

That is the crux of all of this in Pandora's Bush. George W. Bush unleashed the viral agents of John Roberts, Jeb Bush destroying Conservatives, Obama election theft, Muslim Democracy and Stem Cell research, and while his decisions looked sound with him seated at 1600 Penn Avenue, appeared sound in 2010, but  by 2015 in Obama lawlessness had become a pandemic, murdering hundreds of thousands of people, destroying families and making it a corporate practice of Planned Parenthood, to operate in black neighborhoods, and then butchering live children, for sale to the same research lab structures which George W. Bush began the funding of for Stem Cell Research.

George W. Bush champions by his principles of never speaking out against someone sitting in the Oval Office, as Jimmy Carter did against President's Reagan, Clinton and Bush.
There is though a time that is missing in the "shined" persona of George W. Bush, as he raises funds for an Obama 3rd term in his brother Jeb's run for the Presidency which is based upon aborting America for Mexican invasion, that does not a human, when they are a Christian, having implemented genocide against innocent Americans, have the responsibility as John Quincy Adams did in being removed from Office of the President, to stand up at all costs, to stand against evil, as Adams did against slavery and the Southern Democrat machine of his period?
Yes George W. Bush can hang a painting of President John Quincy Adams in the Oval Office, he can make the Adams a running joke with his father, Bush41, he can read the history of John Quincy Adams, but in all of that he fails to note that George W. Bush is responsible for what his policies started in this world, the body counts under Birther Hussein Obama, and the reality that his policies began a system, where American babies are being slaughtered in and out of the womb, for sadistic lab research, and it is all funded with George W. Bush federal funding.

Planned Parenthood is George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush and Prescott Bush's fault and responsibility. Theirs is the family which backed it, and theirs is the family which now put forward federally funded policies murdering children for profit.
Yet there is nothing but silence from George W. Bush, as he uses the excuse of "history will judge me", as if he has no obligation to try and protect the children which he placed in this double jeopardy.
If George W. Bush had done the Solomon thing in simply waiting and advocating a trust in scientific breakthrough which would make all of this obsolete, as it should have been, and not Planned Parenthood butchery.

For the egocentric George W. Bush in his Americanism, he somehow failed to realize in all of this that if America was not cannibalizing children, that perhaps other nations who already were, that they would engage in this sadism. That is strange as in Decision Points he mentions that Scottish scientist Iam Wilmut, who cloned Dolly the sheep, had announced he would no longer use embryonic stem cells, after the skin generated cell finding.
See, what George W. Bush failed to see, is America did not have to become involved in this, at all, as other cretins were already conducting these human experiments.

If George W. Bush had any Christianity in him, any moral responsibility, as George Washington defined it, that one always advocates for Americans for their protection as President Washington's advocacy for a standing military in President John Adams Administration, that the words of Obama voter, General Colin Powell ring as true on Iraq as on babies being murdered in American wombs, "When you break something, you own it, and you are responsible to fix it".

George W. Bush is responsible for fixing what he started in Stem Cell Research, which under the Obama lawlessness became a multi billion dollar industry murdering and cutting up children. Yet where is George W. Bush in his reclining years, but in 2010 trying to acquit himself, and by 2015 the reality was damning him and his decisions. Yes George W. Bush had time to spare for attending events with Bill Clinton, painting things and raising money for his failed brother, Jeb Bush.

A question and a condemnation George W. Bush, does not a child having their head decapitated in the safety of their mother's womb by a Planned Parenthood forceps, to be bagged for shipment for lab dissection, deserve a moment of your time in your multi million dollar mansion lifestyle, Mr. President?

If it does not George Bush, then your epitaph is going to be written, not by your detractors, but by someone who voted for you twice. The Lame Cherry will leave a permanent record, exposing you for what you are, a well meaning intellectual, couched in morality, like the heinous Woodrow Wilson, who brought genocide to America, which started with children in the womb and ended with Jeb Bush's Mexican invasion, replacing Americans, young and old.

Sickly George, what is it going to be? Your sins are known, and there is no room to claim ignorance of your part another moment.
The clouds never parted for the dead babies of Planned Parenthood as they did for your Pope. All there is now, are tears on earth and their cries in Heaven, while the sun "shined" on you George W. Bush, your liberal daughters, your grandchildren and your family.