Sunday, November 15, 2015

Predator Calls


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of the Citizens who live in the rural areas have problems with predators, and it is a beast trying to kill them, as the regimes, both state and local raise the damn things as it is easier to have coyotes murdering wildlife than policing people.

I was looking for a predator caller. Yes I have the mouth calls, and I can voice call a number of animals, but all the same, I was looking for an electronic caller which would work. For the most part, the callers all are either 200 to 500 dollars expensive or some arm chair expert is belittling people who want to save money and not pay for the distress calls for these callers.

I found this site which lists about everything from chipmunks, coyotes, elk to bears and this person should be commended for their work in gathering up all these free calls across the internet. I place this here for others,  to praise them and to show that the internet should have free stuff for people who are poor.

All you really need in a caller is something to play MP3 files, and the speaker is the thing which has to be quality. Just like radio it is the same signal, but the sound quality comes out of the speaker. There are sites which explain how to do all of this in building one, and I have not yet decided on that project.........but these files are available for free and download, which should upload to a player easy as an upload.

Gaytube does have enough good calling videos on there of hunters shooting coyotes, so if you listen to the calling they are doing, you can get an idea of what sounds and mixes which work best. It is just a matter of feeding the predator what they are used to eating.............this site even has chickens, so you do not have to listen to the know it all ass saying, "Well you got to have a 1000 dollar mic to record blah blah blah. "
That is bullshit as if you have a sound editor which is free online to fix things up, you can record anything you like, even your own squawking.

They did have Sasquatc sounds...........yeah I know they are portal things, but all the same I would like to blast one for the Smithsonian as they make the things all the time.

Oh and I did read an article by Lilljestrand long ago when Tom Krause ran the Trapper that big foots migrated through the BWCA around July 4. My kind of world, mosquitoes and damned big footies to tune up.

I hope that the callers find this site at the AVERAGE OUTDOORSMAN as I downloaded a pile of sounds, and now I have to rummage about for some kind of player, so I can hose down some coyotes which will delight me.