Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Planned Vaginahood

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry calls upon image Birther Obama to immediately declare war on South Africa over their arrest of Peter Fredericksen of South America. The obviously extremist black African regime is trampling on women's rights to their bodies in this persecution of Mr. Fredericksen.

The "crime" of Mr. Fredericksen was simply harvesting some body parts from some females who had somehow escaped post birth abortion procedures. What police found was 21 severed vaginas, from tissue which obviously was going to die once outside of the womb.

All of us can agree that Planned Parenthood has been accomplishing the same procedures in black neighborhoods in America, in supplying human body parts to research labs. In those non prosecuted cases, they are the equal of what this persecuted South African has engaged in.

Mr. Fredericksen, actually had surgical instruments and medical drugs to assist these procedures, exactly like Planned Parenthood.

Certainly Planned Vaginahood is the equal of Planned Parenthood, and the South African even had his own cold storage freezer for body parts, and let us not overlook the unselfish act of Mr. Fredericksen, in he harvested his own wife's vagina, and then shot her after she went to the authorities, as Planned Parenthood decapitates their tissue samples who are too active, after body parts are harvested.

Let us not miss though that Peter Fredericksen, did not do this for profits as Planned Parenthood does, but was conducting this necessary mission in women's rights, that every woman has the right to their own bodies and now retaliate on the females who came out of their bodies. Who is to say or know, what a mother's mind is after a child has been in the world for 30 years. Time is not a factor in this, or what bias a woman has, as all that matters is that right to take tissue samples from these tissues.

Thankfully Peter Fredericksen has stood up for these rights, when others have resisted them.

America must at all costs, as in Sec. of State John Kerry, threatening Uganda over legalizing sodomy, must bomb South Africa as the Obama regime bombed Egypt. At the very least Webster Tarpley must be dispatched to hold a conference, as we all know that Mr. Obama is a victim of his advisers, and can do nothing on his own.......even as he chest thumped in killing bin Laden's corpse by hisself.

Dick, no Penis, no Cock, no Peter, must not be discriminated against because of his name, in this being involved with vaginas. There is no invasion of vaginas when it comes to Islam or men carrying out Planned Vaginahood operations all legal in Roe vs. Wade.

Free Peter Fredericksen!!! Bomb South Africa. Bring Peter to America on freedom flights with Mexicans and Muslims. Have him join Obamacare as a practicing physician. Honor him with Islamic rewards for female circumcisions to enhance their pleasure, even if the tissue is non viable.

Free Peter Fredericksen!!!