Thursday, November 5, 2015

The 5th Generation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Vladimir Putin in 2015, unveiled a working battle tank in the Armata T 14, which is a revolution in tank design and operation, which literally is a doomsday weapon. This is the weapon which will invade Europe and is the amour piercer, while the older T 72's  and T 90's will absorb the time and weapons of NATO.

The T 14 is the greatest land warfare system ever developed, since the advent of the first tank. What the T 14 is though is as advanced as a Hummer over an ox cart.

While Bush41 and 43, spent two wars educating the Russians on American advancements, the Russians took the schooling to a degree, in creating not only the greatest tank in history, but a rapid response force in which Russia can now deploy 100,000 elite Soldiers in 24 hours, while the west can only put 30,000.

This is the new Russian military. Their SU aircraft and SAM systems provide air superiority, with numbers, to join with the heavy armour and seasoned Russian Soldiers. The Obama disaster of Syria, is but a training exercise for Russian forces, which appear to require little training, as they have gone through Obama's ISIS terrorists like shit through a goose.

These tanks can fire 10 sabot penatrator or high explosive shells per minute, on the move, night or day, in any weather. The Armata will do to the British Challenger tanks, what the German Bismark did to the HMS Hood in World War II.

Speed of the T 14 is 50 mph and range is 500 miles. I am reminded of the German Seer who saw the Russian tank columns running day and night and never stopping, as they turned the Rhine into blood, and left nothing but enclaves in Europe, surrounded by Russia.

All of the madness now of antagonizing Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and Syria has the reality of turning Europe into scorched earth. And for what? Stealing Russian oil, cropping eastern Europe and paralyzing America under image Obama?

I conclude the prayer should be to God that President Putin become the Protector of the Christian Faith, and not lower himself or Russia to these cartel machinations of one more global war. Russia has the weapons now to liberate Europe from the anti Christian forces, annihilating those peoples. If Russia can make it's crews and it's supply depots, protected from hybridized biological and radiological weapons, designed to "ebola" tank crews, Russia will win the next world war.

It is the only solution now to elect a President Donald Trump, to negotiate a common peace for a Eurasian Christian Europe being secure and not scorched earth.

Nuff said.