Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reporting Facebook


 actual creepy creeper photo on Facebook featured by creepy creeper Mark Zuckerberg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is currently a website up to report issues with the e terrorists, starting with Facebook. If any of you have had problems with this Nazi site, it would be a beneficial thing to meltdown this reporting site with all of your horror stories.
I just filed mine and I know that many others have the same situation as Mark Zuckerberg is hiding behind Obama's thong.


To the point if Twitter to Facebook get a million reports filed against them, the press will start taking notice as will Congress. Something will be done about this criminal group and that will be good for all of us.

On other important news, I see that Itard Sinead O'Connor posted on that she had overdosed, was under another name in a hotel and that she is now under supervision.
I do not think taking an overdose of orange flavored baby aspirin and being under the name I AM NOT SINEAD OCONNOR is really a suicide event or a story......just another Obama cull seeking Miley Cyrus attention.
At least Debbie Boostrom did it right in blowing her head off, but then she had breast cancer, and was not just an Obama cancer feeding off of planet earth.

Then again with India calling image Obama a Carbon Nazi or something, and Latin Tacos trying to extort from image Obama carbon cash, this Paris about the French CIA just evacuate all the normal people from Paris, give a neutron bomb to Obama's ISIS terrorists and have them do the world a long as Vladmir Putin is not in the city.

So that is the world, a way to put three worthless things in the grave. Facebook, Sinead and Carbon Nazi.. The first you can file a report. The second time will rot down and the last, will require a global revolution to drive these feudal few from power to Nuremberg trials.

Nuff said