Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Swan Lake

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is pleasant to hear from normal people. It is amusing at times too, as Johnny wrote days ago, and I was too swamped to look at it, but good thing I did, as when I posted on CENTCOM FRAUD today, it was in the next hour that, that intrepid Rush Limbaugh, threw in about three lines on it, mirroring exactly what was posted here.
I am certain that the elite was not amused from skirt to the bad haircuts, as we are all supposed to believe that all is pure and purest when it comes to western regimes, and that Russians deserve to get blasted out of the sky over Syria.

Just an observation in this, in a SAM from an American long range missile battery should not leave two Russian pilots still breathing, but dead. Just saying, something is not right in that Obama provocation, where the image comes out begging for this not to escalate after image Obama bashed Putin in the skull.

On to better things. Our deep freeze is covered with seeds as I save seed. TL and Mom helped me package things. I found a citron melon rotted down. Probably was the source of myriads of little flies flying around here for a month. Still have things to do like moving squash in  that might have frozen which sucks, but I am getting to the point if we do not have snow, GOD FORBID, I might get thing caught up where I can play......playing would be shooting coyotes and building a work bench in TL's shed so I can work inside and not in a snow drift. Seems like my theme is work when I play.

Just read the Vikings letter in email.........he probably was wondering what I was talking about crawl spaces and skunks earlier when he was talking about Handel in a CD. Probably the first time Handel has been included with skunks, spiders and rodents oh my.
TL has on Romeo and Juliet.......Tschaichovsky......Fantasy Overture. TL had to explain that to me as I knew it from Sunday football commercials.

This started out with what is below and now we get to that. Is sort of cool writing on e paper, as you just keep typing and no need to erase.

This was very interesting to me, as the devil decided for me to chomp on my cheek earlier this week. Alum is fascinating as a cure, as it is used in tanning and pickling.

Hello again, to both LC and TL. Thanks go to each of you for this past week. From earlier questions on practical medicine, specifically apple cider vinegar, LC showed us the earthclinic site. Well, at some point in my sleep, I bit the crap out myself back by the wisdom teeth, leaving large sores. Aspirin and even numbing gels were needed just to be able to think through the pain. We remembered that site, looked up the problem, and found out to put alum on it. For you or any readers, I'll vouch that it kickstarts healing and dramatically speeds it up. Bless you for pointing us in that direction, and for all that you teach us. To both LC and TL, your writings on Christianity lately have been better than any preacher's sermons I've ever heard. Thank you, they've been exactly what we needed to hear.

The Holy Ghost is usually talking to me. Sometimes it takes awhile for the reception to come in. Like the other night, I could not remember Super Conductor, but I could see it floating about in the lab.

I am learning that city boys employed for rural electricity are not farm boys. See the barn if falling down.......like 10,000 for a roof and that means like all these old barns it is going down. So we run electric off the barn for the watering of animals and electric fence.
So like we get the boy out here........but he does not come until we call a few times, as the boy was 1 o'clock in Friday and looking to make it an early 3 day weekend.
So he comes out at 3, and talks about things, and says he will write it up.

So it is days until dude comes out to spray orange paint on the ground saying all is clear. I mean he did nothing, just sprayed paint and put up a flag.

So the wind blows and the barn looks like the lean where the electric is, is auditioning to go to earth. No repairmen.

Like.......three weeks no repairmen.

Finally Mom calls, and out they pop to put the pole in the ground.

Then nothing but waiting and wind again.

She calls again, and on Monday they show up about 3 o'clock.......again another early day for the boys as the work order says nothing about breakers and outlets.
So back to town they go, get the stuff as Mom told them we need the power on......and back they come, and get that much done........no power to the hydrant, but to the pole. They run a cord to the hydrant and promise they will return. Today is tits up, and no boys.

At least I have their power cord, so only God knows when these people who should be fired will return. I am going to mention to a friend of my brothers who sits on the board of our co op about this, as he was elected to it. I mean talk about head up the ass in wasting time and resources.

So any way, it is homemade pizza for supper....not putting raw garlic on it, but will cook it next time when I make pizza.
Feels like I need bed, but have like 8 hours to go yet, but something my Mom always taught me is ringing in my ears about, "Be thankful you are well enough to do it".

I bet Stan Ann Dunham told her adopted Birther Obama something like that, but it was more like, "Barry, be thankful enough you are sick enough, psychotic enough, to blow Russian pilots out of the sky, to protect terror oil and dope convoys, and risk starting World War."

Got to get this posted.

God bless you all.

I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the frost just glistens
And children listen
Rather than .........I don't have words for that right now so just hum.