Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CENTCOM Falsification of Records


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog received a request concerning the reality that CENTCOM, located in Florida was falsifying intelligence data which their experts were assessing, and passing it along to Congress and the White House.

I attempted yesterday to clarify this with an official statement from the Inspector General of the Pentagon, in contact their spokesperson. I post here the reply, and state plainly,  that I will not play this game of gotchas in being pushed around by people who I AM THE BOSS OF, as I pay their salaries and they work for me and each of you.
So I gave the IG's office the opportunity to respond and play nice. Now I will post what inquiry points to, as their asses can be in hot water over this, as I am through with being pissed on by the Facebook crowd of Obamalings

What this centers on is CENTCOMS Intelligence Division run by Army Major General Steven R. Grove and his civilian fag. 50 whistle blowers signed off in protesting that their data was being skewed along the lines that Iraq's security forces were up to standards and that US strikes were degrading ISIS.
As Iraq is overthrown and Paris is burning, it is a reality that the Centcom I was lying and endangering the world.

Let's here from the IG jerking my bra strap as that is what they do in only responding with propaganda to Mockingbird media.

RE: Media Inquiry: CENTCOM
Serchak, Bridget A., OIG DoD
lame cherry;Tue 11/24/2015 1:43 PM
Thank you for your email.

Please provide your name and your media outlet.


Bridget Ann Serchak
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Department of Defense-Office of Inspector General
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-----Original Message-----
From: lame cherry Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 1:12 AM
To: Serchak, Bridget A., OIG DoD
Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Media Inquiry: CENTCOM

Dear Ms. Serchak,

I am requesting a clarification please on the investigation of CENTCOM
concerning falsification of information.

1. Is there an estimated time of completion in this investigation?

2. Is the investigation probing beyond CENTCOM?

3. For my readers to fully understand, does the IG have jurisdiction to
investigate personnel at the State Department or White House, or, is this
investigation narrow in scope only to the military?

4.  If the complaints are found accurate, will there be an explanation to
the public as to why Major General Steven R. Grove was engaged in this
activity or will the response be handled by Congressional oversight?

Thank you for your time and your answering these questions.

Sincerely, LC

The trail of this leads from Steven Grove, to John Allen who has been ousted. You have to understand how all of this political minder intrigue works. You have the Obama regime. Then you have the conduits of the Obama regime who are in vogue at the moment. This would be that insane UN ambassador Samantha Powers who loves genocide and hates Russians. You have John Kerry who loves Atomic Iran, all ordered to implement the Obama legacy which is basically creating a Muslim Mafia called ISIS which will murder most everyone in the Mideast and be used in the West to murder Conservatives.

This is the chain of command in this.

Image Obama.

Val-erie Jarrett whispering sweet Iranian in the jinn's ear.

Sec. of State John Kerry, who then picked his puppet General John Allen to create the ISIS terror network.
Allen was the Pentagon's Sec. of State, as he traveled the Mideast, setting up all of these oil, dope and rape people traffick networks which the US was protecting.

For those who think this might be far fetched.........you blessed better remember the Navy SEALS who got bin Laden's actor as a subject change, and in knowing too much were mass assassinated in a raid in Afghanistan.
Someone inside the Obama regime ordered those SEALS all into one helo and then alerted the terrorists where they would be coming in to murder them on LZ approach.

So this is the case, the cartel was running Saddam Hussein's old oil pipeline into Turkey, for bribes and money laundering like Marc Rich was accomplishing to enrich everyone including the Clintons back in the day. The entire military is not corrupt. The pilots know damn well they are called off 70% of hot targets. So word gets around what a farce Obama war is. It is just a perpetual cover for all of this.

Webster Tarpley is a constant Obama apologist, acting like little O is just sitting there, and it has no control over anything. That is bogus. Factions have opened up, but when billions of dollars in currency is being traded, that is Obama's watch, and his appointees know exactly as in IRS harassment of Tea Party Conservatives, what is to be done.

Allen set up the operation with Turkey, and you do remember John McCain was posing with these people too, so this entire theater was about another terror network being managed out of 1600 Penn Avenue.

Steven Grove was point man to take the data from the analysts and to clean it up, like Robert McNamara was involved in, in Vietnam for Lyndon Johnson. It is a matter of lying to everyone so the White House thinks it's legacy is secure and Congress thinks that all is kosher in foreign policy, while the entire theater is nothing but a damn gangland mafia in communist Islamists.

There is not a great deal of anything interesting in this, as you are getting your jobless numbers fudged, you are getting the amount of Treasury debt by the Fed fudged, you are being told you are not in an Obama Super Depression when the world is. See the IG of the Pentagon can priss around, because he has to, being forced by the analysts who are part of a leverage of "contractors"........... You remember Ulsterman's "Sir" and his pansy uniform wearers in those meetings. That is what this is about in being exposed.
Someone is pissed off they are not getting part of that 4 billion dollars used to protect ISIS, as that is what the US has wasted in this faux mission. This is about realignment, and the IG after pissing off the Lame Cherry, is going to submit a report which is about benefiting the faction the IG is promoting.

Did David Patraeus end up in prison for being a crook? Hell no! Same dirty CENTCOM which is just another political minder group. It is why Edward Snowden got the hell out for his faction, because he was part of a group exposing all of this, as another faction was leveraging power too much and becoming a threat.

Nothing is going to change in this CENTCOM IG charade. The criminal regime will benefit those it wants to profit and empower and the other factions will protect those who are the criminals. Nothing to get worked up here about, as there are 6 figure salaries in these players at the Pentagon, investigating itself, and when they do their cover ups correctly, they will get paid 7 figure salaries, employed by the conglomerates to lie for them.

Nuff said.

PS: I would rather crawl under the house than do this, as spiders, skunks and rodents would be an evolutionary step up.