Monday, November 23, 2015

The Black and White of Obama Nightmare


 no flute charmers in Islam

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If you have not noticed, the deafening silence from the Obama defenders who were deranged in attacking Birthers, you might not have comprehended that in suicide, even liberals have their limits to how Obama murders them.

Back in the day, there were Obamaniacs like Fogbow, in being Black were the staunchest of defenders for Birther Hussein, because for them, Obama as a Designer Negro being in the White House was a catharsis for all the things they have suffered in their lives. This can not be ignored nor marginalized, as Obama preyed upon that wound carried by many Blacks, which still festers in Black Lives Matter.
It is what drove much of the Obama defenders in the Black community, because if Obama was a Birther, then it took from them again an emancipation which they had longed for in not having a White Bill Clinton as a Black man in the White House, but a Black who proved that Blacks did belong, even if that entire community understood the failings and betrayal of most of their leadership and spokespeople.
Fogbow is an American who stood for something which needed to be stood for, but as you can notice, the Obama Black entourage started going silent, as the realization of betrayal and reality began to be comprehended.

The worst of the Obama element no matter, Black, Brown or White, voted for Obama to "stick it to whitey". It did not matter for the leftists if Obama was lying about being a continuation of Ronald Reagan a Conservative, or to the rightists that Obama was part of a the black liberation movement of the Jesuits. It was a way of retaliating against all the things which had inflicted upon these groups.

The White Obama group had a mixture of sexual perversion, hating the "white heritage" which they had been raised by, and the penance for their sins.

Those who were psychotic in their obsession with Birthers who are White, had sins of their past which were being exorcised, because if Obama was proven a fraud, these Whites were going to have to go through another "round of Niggerin' it up", as this was supposed to be a one time confession.

It has to do with Nigger Knockin', the practice of east coast affluent Whites who would find Blacks on streets and beat the hell out of them for sport. College kids like Jim Webb practiced this beastly misbehavior as part of the culture. This though is not just beating up Blacks. This is more than even Chris Matthews looking upon Blacks as that comfortable mentor to a stupid White child in not boxing their ears the way their Irish folk would do for being stupid. This had to do with the secrets of the molesting of Black girls, the raping of Black  girls by mobs of these affluent Whites, as a form of recreation.
All was fine when they were in the mob, drunk or high, but it takes on a different meaning when you have to face the maid, you and your friends gang raped the past weekend as a cum dump.
Those types of psychopathy run like nightmares and voting for Obama was an exorcism to those sins.

Barack Obama though preyed on all of that, as he was intimate with the Jeremiah Wright Black Liberation culture which was fomented by the Vatican Jesuits all through Latin and Black America. Blacks were liberated by Obama, and unlike the peaceful dream of Martin King, there was in many Blacks the illusion fostered and festered by Obama, that they too would be in mansions and that they had the right to be taunting Whites in "lipstick on pigs" and skulling innocent people on the street.
The problem though such liberation brought was Treyvon Martin attacking armed men with a bag of Skittles or Giants in Ferguson Missouri attacking armed Police officers, in both cases the invincibility of the Obama myth lay dead on the street.

All of this reality began silencing the Obama voters, but some of the Whites were still doubling down on those who were warning all of what a danger Barack Hussein Obama in legacy was going to bring to Blacks and the world. I wrote early of the blacklash which would appear and it is still growing. There is though in the growing silence, as this blog started this article with, in White liberals are catching up to Blacks who caught on several years ago what a threat Obama is to them.

The first understanding of this was the Obama regime importing Mexican slaves to replace Blacks in America. No one save this blog, has pointed out that Obama's Planned Parenthood is located in all Black neighborhoods, genociding Blacks and making a billion dollars off this body parts trade.

This though is about the threshold of Obama among liberals, as it is summed up in Senator Diane Feinstein, now having reached her threshold in all of these ISIS terrorists.

I personally find this amusing. Mexicans raping and murdering Americans outside the ivory towers, does not bother the liberal elite. In fact, the White's hating their Southern heritage and attacking Conservatives, were simply gloating over America being replaced by Mexican Browns. For that clinical psychopathy, it was non threatening, even pleasing in having a Designer Negro destroy your heritage you despised, along with penance for fondling up little black girls, as your entire amore' was fine in Don Juan sexual fetishness as Jeb Bush succumbed to, but for some reason Muslim Brown skins are their limit.

Racial suicide is fine for White liberal Obama voters for Blacks and Whites, as long as it is sexy Don Juans doing the breeding, but put a Brown Muslim in the mix, and suddenly a new Obama coalition forms, in not wanting genocide by the Islamic stain.
This is the silence in the former defenders of Obama at all costs, suddenly finding that a Muslim in bed with them is not the kind of joined at the hip to death they desired. Yes, it is fine about unleashing them on White Christians, but those pesky Obama Islamists have a penchant about blasting liberals gathered at concerts.

All of this was evident and obvious from the beginning, as the Jesuits just had an affection for Muslims, as a sort of pet religion. The Jesuit has this grandeur of letting the Islamist get the blood on their hands, to bring the masses into line, as their hands are too full of gold.

Obama has always been a Jesuit feudalist, while dipping his finger in the Muslim couscous, at the cartel gatherings. People just go to what they are familiar with and Obama and the image, just go for the gold in knowing Muslim militant maniacs are the success that all their dreams are made of.

Obama Dreams, but Black and White Obama Nightmares. Who would have ever thought that in the repressed memories of these Whites and Blacks of Europe and Africa, would be the Moors in all that slavery, raping and murder of a century ago, and having experienced that nuptials of violation, there is nothing Don Juan dreamy about it all.

Perhaps the rumbling of that distant interlude of Benghazi with all that anal rape is still a whiff of feces scent too much for this anal liberal crowd of sodomites. Yes penis sucking and anal sex are the established norms of White on Black and Black on White, but add Muslim Brown and it just goes Islamophobia.

Personally, with all those Sinbad and Magic Carpet rides, I would never have believed that residing deep in the subconscious of Obama voters, this fear of burka. I do not know if it transcends to camels, sand and unshaved genitals, but as there has not been a rash of Drudge Report headlines of liberals rushing through the streets screaming in delirium over pachyderms, fine silicon and hairy cats, it seems to just be in disliking Obama inviting Islam over for dinner, and giving them your lives.

All of this Obama psychopathy opens up the unsavory darkness in souls associated with the Birther and the entity. It was sown in such hope by some well meaning people, but has become such an anathema in so many just want this Obama gone before they are now going to receive the Obama aborticide of them, but they must hang on, because if Obama leaves in spirit, having already left in the flesh, these poor souls will have to do this all over again and by their reactions, they simply could not survive it.

I think a pet Muslim would be something to enjoy. Nothing like a puss cat Latin rubbing on your leg all the time, but more like a pit viper. The swammy seemed to flute it all with the cobra and do quite well. Perhaps Obama just needs to hand out flutes or at least Obamaphones with India flute tones on it, that Black and White Obama voters could charm Muslims with. A few toots of the smart phone and they might just be cured of their Obama and Latin sexual proclivities.

Personally as a Black, I would be uncomfortable with the image of Obama as much as hanging around White liberals who were fondling their little black sisters between episodes of Sesame Street and Friends. I would find it all as equally disturbing as bred to death by Jeb Bush Mexicans or experiencing death by some Muslim pet. Then again, being normal, I was uncomfortable with all of this in my limit was the Constitution in Obama being a Birther.

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