Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Great Ice Age Grace


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I lament only residing in the future, as the past is where I would relish to be in studying for weeks all that there was. I doubt I could be removed from the period of 1600 to 1850 in America, as it would be a hunter's dream to live like the French did in the Illinois.

I long though to know what the animals of the ice age looked like really, sounded like and what their normal habits were. Artists and scientists of have shit for brains when it comes to recreating these animals, and that is why I am so grateful to God, that the Russians discovered in Siberian permafrost animals of that age, which are intact enough to literally provide a vision of what they are.

The Russians discovered a pair of cave lion cubs. What is so interesting to me, is not just how the kittens look like modern kitties, but that the hair on them is a color, not of lion, but more of Golden Retriever. The length is also quite long.

Color is important in this, as it points to these cave lions hunted in a prairie or tall coarse grass like rushes. The same type of coat a lion has, but more thick, due to what would be a heavy cold. The polar bear has a different coat altogether in hollow hairs which make it white, like a whitetail deer.
The cave lions are more akin to the musk oxen, which points to a reality that these ice age animals, were not in the cold niche, but grew longer coats to deal with the dropping temperatures.


This ties in to the reality of the mammoths which were found in this area. I am delighted that we can see a patch of hide on the head which is covered with very dark brown hair. To know this class of animals actually were covered in hair or "wool" and it was dark, means the mammoth was not a creature of the same location as the cave lions. The mammoth had dark fur as it probably lived in deep dark forests.
Notice the tusks. They are not long as the elephant, but are more like a Russian boar tusks, which are used for digging out roots.
The wooly mammath appears to be a deep forest animal, that lived upon a rough diet of tree leaves and branches, but some type of root too. The tusks were not used for defense, but for feeding.

I would that science would take the DNA from these animals and create some specimens, for their recreation to this world from extinction. As I stated, if I could return in time, I would probably live out years in gardening, protected by modern weapons and shelters, just enjoying what this world really was like in experiencing it.
Granted the primates and humans would be a problem, but I would hope that with enough infrared warning equipment and enough boom stick terror, that they would decide to leave the god of the fortress in peace.

To know what the animals were really like. To know their habitat, their hunting and browsing, their color and more about who they are is such a gift from God. I just can not help but be delighted in the exercise of piecing this together, not in the science nonsense, but in what these animals really were by their evidence.

Both animals seem to indicate that the weather became so harsh, from lack of solar heating, that they sought shelter in the earth and there died.

A lion more akin to the American mountain lion in habit, than the African lion, yet more heavily furred like the Canadian lynx. A wooly mammoth more akin to the Indian jungle elephant than the Africa elephant.

I assume these ice age creatures were less aggressive, than the smaller animals which prevailed in time, but what a complete grace this is from God to actually witness them. Oh what it would be, to just touch their hair for a few moments.