Friday, November 20, 2015

The Genesis of the Terror Invasion of America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I decided to expand the expose' upon the traitors who are involved with the Obama genocide of America by importing all of these terrorists. As the North Dakota Lutheran Social Services site refused to allow submission of questions, I turned to other states and received a link from South Dakota, admitting they are deeply involved in this importation of third world refuse for immense profit.

New Americans Refugee Immigration Sioux Falls Huron
Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota serves people of all ages, races, faiths and economic levels with professional, confidential and affordable services.

I am awaiting response from another outlet from the image Obama state, but they are demanding to know which major media outlet I am writing for. We shall see, as no one as of yet is providing the information to these damning questions which were submitted.

What I would like information on is, where does LLS obtain it's funding from exactly?

Is LLS joined with any other charity group to coordinate the resettlement of refugees, such as Catholic Charities?

What are the numbers of refugees which LLS has resettled in the United States?

Does a federal agency coordinate or contact LLS concerning refugees the government is seeking to relocate?

I return all of this genesis of terror invasion to where it belongs in President George W. Bush, in the confession of his book, Decision Points. In this, Bush41 embarked upon using federal money to be given to faith based charities. As in all things, such as Ronald Reagan's free trade, was turned into massive debt for South American Republics to overthrow them and make them Obama Marxist exploiters of their peoples, the same result is evident in the good intentions of George W. Bush paving the road to hell with his ignorant intentions.

Read the quotes from President George W. Bush's own admissions.

Page 279:

"Nine days after my inauguration, I issued executive orders creating an Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives in the Whte House and in five Cabinet departments."

Page 280:

"The initiative opened up roughly $20 billion a year in federal funding to competition from faith based groups. Many of these organizations had no experience interfacing with government, so we held forty conferences and more  than four hundred grant - writing seminars to help them apply for funding. Ultimately, more than five thousand faith based and community organizations, mostly small grassroots charities, received federal grants."

This was the first thing which Bush43 engaged in from Day Nine. He literally made this Cabinet joined, and then set out like communists in indoctrinating independent charities to become money whores of the state.
The reality is not a large step in, the Obama feudal regime stole the White House in this Birther, and then started pushing these groups like Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities to begin for "humanitarian reasons".....meaning fill your pews up so these foreigners will donate money to your churches........began taking in hundreds of thousands of these foreign culls.

None of this was by accident, and it was all by design. It explains the mystery of why all of these faith based groups were raising hell about Obama demanding they join in on aborticides and sodomy. It is because the regime was dumping money into these groups to corrupt them, and the regime demanded it follow regime laws, and not God's Law.

Literally we now have a reality of "christian" groups are assisting in the genocide of the American People, all under the guise of Christ. Can you really comprehend that "christian charity" is aiding in bringing in Muslims whose stated policy is to gang rape Christian women into become Muslims, and to murder all who will not deny Jesus the Christ as Lord and Savior, in favor of allah.

Once again, this is the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter, and few of you give one blessed care about this information. I have stuck my neck out again to expose this, most lethal plan in how it is being conducted, and the rich have not donated as they should, and here I am a target again, as this information is never supposed to come out.

In 1776, the wealthy Americans pledged all they had from God's Grace for America, in this 2015, the rich Americans have left me for death, as their riches are more of a god to them, than God, America or what this writer posts.