Friday, November 20, 2015

The Pilgrim Epoch


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None of you have ever experienced what the Birth of America really was in the modern era which began in 1620. The logs of the Speedwell and her consort, the May-Flower are fascinating as they take you back to South Hampton England, before it all began.
To even know what the weather was, is something to cherish, for these people were readying for the future they hoped, which is now the past all of our present is constructed upon, in militant Christians venturing to a colony they would build for Christian religious freedom and profit.

Wednesday, July 26/ Aug. 5. Came to anchor in Port of Southampton near ship MAYFLOWER of Yarmouth, from London (to which this pinnace is consort), off the north of the West Quay.'

Thursday, July 27/ Aug. 6. At anchor in port of Southampton.

 Friday, July 28/ Aug. 7. Lying at anchor at Southampton.

MAYFLOWER ready for sea, but pinnace leaking and requires re-trimming.

Sunday, July 30/ Aug. 9. Lying at Southampton.

Monday, July 31/ Aug. 10. Ditto.

Tuesday, Aug. 1/ 11. Ditto.

Wednesday, Aug. 2/ 22. Ditto. Pinnace leaking . Re-trimmed again.
Thursday, Aug 3/ 13. Ditto. Receiving passengers, etc.

For almost the month of August, after attempting to move down the Channel, the Speedwell was leaking horridly, and had to put into Dartmouth to make repairs, but the ship once setting sail again, began leaking dangerously again.

At Plymouth, the Speedwell leaks could not be found, but it was finally ascertained that this ship was filled with "general weakness" and  by the end of August into the first of September it was decided that people and supplies would be transferred to the May-Flower, as the ship which would change history in these militant Christians competing for Christ against armed empires in America, starting with the militant Indians there.

One should never forget the vast investment it was for the Pilgrims, exiled to Europe, to acquire a ship, which then was detaining them, being nothing but problems and endangering them. The Pilgrims literally had sold themselves to be colonists to merchant investors who hoped for profits as did the English crown.

The apprehension of the Pilgrims had to be disquieting and disheartening. Christians who every American owes everything, to every breath they take.

The Pilgrims were militant Christians. They overcame in Christ incredible obstacles and death, from having to sail too late in the season, due to the time lost in the leaking Speedwell. Every day mattered in the American New England north, and not arriving until winter with the storms, was the murderous disaster the Pilgrims faced as Planters and Adventurers.

As you never knew, you must now in knowing for your own survival, not just not forget who the Pilgrims really were, and how much all of your armed Christian traditions began with them in 1620 AD in these colonies which became these disUnited States by treachery and treason.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.