Monday, November 16, 2015

The Good Hitler


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The following is not a debate over the fact of Adolf Hitler. It instead begins with the inquiry this blog did which pointed to the fact that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not commit suicide in the Bunker, but instead died many years later in America, South America, with a large German contingent.

None of this was secret or unknown.

Historian and Patriot, Harry Cooper has written a book detailing all of this information, which I of course can afford, but Mr. Cooper goes into great detail on various German activities from their fine military aircraft to the inner workings of the South Americans in benefiting from the strong German presence before and after World War II.

What I instead intend to focus upon is the reality of what the guiding influence and hand of Adolf Hitler had on the world for decades after his exile to South America, which requires being told.


 While the war was still raging in Eurasia, Adolf Hitler and the German inner circle moved the Reich proper to Argentina as contacts before the war were prevalent. It is common knowledge of Operation Paper Clip, which was the American intelligence plan to bring key Nazi's to America, as the same group in key individuals moved to the Soviet Union. Along with this group of scientists and intelligence agents, the Americans gained control over the German fortune which was confiscated, and utilized this to build the superpower which became America.

If one examines the Hitler Era for the world, it was one of his stewardship, through his Reich disciples governing and guiding the world in direct competition to their old nemesis the internationalist. That is often lost in all of this, in Germans were National Socialist or intrastate leftists who were at odds with the international socialist or communists.
One can observe the absolute prosperity and advancement of the German system in America and Europe. It brought about no global wars, and a prosperity never before realized in human history.

The key demarcation in all of this was the period when Adolf Hitler died, and his lieutenants of the old order began dying, and were being replaced by the communists or what we know now are the Obama feudalists enslaving all mankind. The day Adolf Hitler died, a definitive period in world history changed, for gone was the era of American supremacy, and legislation by legislation, the the North American Socialist Imperial was degraded and became a community organized or communist system.
As the elders of the German Reich began to be replaced by the same Ashkenaz financiers which fomented two world wars, a new order of these Rockefeller Rothschild types began to prey on their very peoples, or the peoples who lived under their financial gulags.

This is a reality in history which no one has ever written of. It has always been viewed by the globalist propaganda that the Nazi element was the problem in corrupting the American system, when it was from the start, the communist order which corrupted the American system, and Adolf Hitler was the bulwark with his Reich group which stayed it off, until their passing.

That is the history which one will never hear. Dwight Eisenhower stated his entire agenda was to merge America to the Soviet system, and that is exactly what was accomplished, as the German's attempted to delay it at every turn, as they had in two world wars. In the Obama era, the overthrow of the west has been completed .Washington is so feudal now that it makes Vladimir Putin's Moscow, look Reagan capitalist, and that is the reality of all of this.

Adolf Hitler's hands were guiding the world for decades through his German network, which spread from Moscow to Washington to Berlin to Buenos Aries. There was a point in this, that the Americans were quite concerned about Adolf Hitler returning to Germany as Napoleon did from exile. Such was the power of this German, that the world could not and would not touch him, for his system had so infiltrated the world, that it's fruits were prosperity for the masses, the completer rebuilding of Europe and the hemming in of the Soviet Union.

There is so much history in this world which will never be known.