Monday, November 16, 2015

When there were once Good Democrats


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George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos has been featured here in his memoir of 1999 in All Too Human, as the history which his warped mind confesses to as he went on to greater perversions as a liberal, are most important, as the mental infection which liberalism has spread to the world is a disease, which has had Jeb Bush saying we all had to be more like Barack Obama, Carly Fiorina worshiping Muslims and Ben Carson joining with Al Sharpton, as Hillary Clinton parades around her lesbian tax funded sex provider in Huma Wiener.

I pound Democrats as much as Republicans, or anything else that is a fraud in this world, which tries to drag all of you willing consorts into your hell graves. That which is bad is named bad, and I make no excuses for any of it.

I return to the year of 1993 which is important, as in that era there were still Americans who were Democrats. We have all been told by Rush Limbaugh that Democrats were the scourge of the earth for all of the modern era, but there were Democrats who were standing for societal morals just a few years ago.

There was Georgian Senator, Sam Nunn, who stood against sodomites being rammed into the military. There were John Breaux and David Boren seeking compromises on jobs packages for the economy, and there was the legend, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, taking on the Clinton tenure against legalized sodomy, with this eloquent speech.
Robert Byrd was a historian and he adored history. It was this fact which he based all of his knowledge on. Rush Limbaugh enjoyed lamenting that Robert Byrd was Ku Klux Klan. In assessing what letting illegal Asian Birther Hussein into the White House to communize America, the reality is Robert Byrd was absolutely correct in his early association with the KKK, as it has been proven that blacks were steamrolled by blind race loyality, and were not ready to take part in voting, as they voted for their own genocide.
The KKK was nothing but the martial wing of the Southern Democratic Party, which was protecting what was left of their heritage being wiped out as blacks were placed into power, they were not ready for.

By the stampede against the Confederate Flag, it is proof that numbers of white Southerners have been so warped they are not ready for the vote either.

Here is the Robert Byrd quote:

"Suetonius writes that Tiberius, under whom Caesar served, had young male prostitutes in his service. We're talking about  something that has been going around for centuries.

But Rome fell when discipline gave way to luxury and ease.

Remove not the ancient landmarks they fathers have set. I am opposed to your policy because it implies acceptance. It will lead to same sex marriages and homosexuals in the Boy Scouts."

Senator Robert Byrd was a prophet in the Democratic Party in 1993. By 2015, sodomy was assaulted upon Americans by the sodomite Roberts Kennedy Supreme Court with the Obama regime, and a County Clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, has been jailed for refusing to break State Law in issuing these perverted permits.
Yes Kim Davis is a Democrat too, but a Democrat who is being devoured by her now Obama perverted party.

A few short years, with the deaths of those once Americans in Robert Byrd protecting America, and the entire floodgate of Sodom and Gomorrah was unleashed, exactly as Robert Byrd foretold.
All that remains now is the fire and brimstone from heaven, or a modern version of Muslim nuclear fire and concrete brimstones burning from solar fires on earth.

Think of it. Kim Davis is savaged and unwelcomed in the Democratic Party. Her only succor came from Mike Huckabee politically from the Republicans. The reality is that the legends of the last of the 20th Century in the Democratic Party in Daniel Patick Moynihan, Robert Byrd, Sam Nunn,  John Breaux and David Boren would all be facing jail time like Kim Davis, and be pariahs as they stood against sodomy in knowing that perversion is what always rots a nation from within.

Caligula and Nero just did not happen. They happened because the ideals of Caesar and Augustus has been eroded, where intellectuals like Claudius spoke of the ideals of the Roman Senate, while gang raping and enslaving his Legions across Britain and Germany. That is where the fall of Rome began. The intellectual soothing sin into the publius while Clinton and Obama created money bubbles to bribe the mob with luxury to accept the rape of themselves and then their children, exactly like Greece and Rome before they fell.

When there were once Good Democrats............there is now only evil and Republican elite suffering from their 8th deadly sin as Independents bathe in rainbow auras in a sodom afterglow.


We are learning. We are learning the harsh borders we were told were racist in chiding a group like the Ku Klux Klan and other types of militants, are actually the unwrittten Constitutional force to protect a people from not the whims of their passive natures in comfort, but from the lying political consorts who being paid lucre legalize degenerate actions, to bring the fall of all society.

Nuff Said.