Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Middle 10

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desire to explain something to you my children and my brats, because you have been victimized by all of this, whether you are an Obamaniac smearing me and others falsely on Obama conspiracy sites, because you are too ignorant and flat world to comprehend a multi dimensional field, if you are a richtard finding ways to in debt yourself to satan by not donating here that big sum, or if you are my children in doing quite well in sifting through the information here to make decisions.

What this is about is the Middle 10 in elections.

All of you have heard of this for a generation, and what you have to understand is, it has been bastardized on the right and the left, to manipulate voters. On the left, it was used to tell just can not get all you want, because we will lose the election, and on the right, you are hearing the same thing about those "Independents" who keep you from getting your complete gun rights back or America's babies protected.

Birther Obama played to the Middle 10 and suckered numbers of dupes like Peggy Noonan on the right, in pretending to be Ronald Reagan, when Obama has proven he is Big Wall Street and Big War, the antithesis of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton for that matter.

What I desire to explain to you, not so much how you have been suckered by your leaders you cling to like lemmings, but to explain the genesis of the Middle 10 in how it all worked, because it will work, if it is meant to win, but it must work as Ronald Reagan created it, and as Dick Morris perfected it.

For those who do not know who Dick Morris is, he is the most outstanding political genius of this age. It was Mr. Morris who saved Bill Clinton's Presidency and had America re elect him, when liberals would have incinerated him in 1996 by dogma which was killing him.

Dick Morris is the cousin of the legendary Jewish savant, Roy Cohen, a oft times faggot, a most times iron fist, and an intuitive intellectual mind, who could drive to the heart of the matter.

Mr. Morris was from New York and started life as a democratic operative, and was successful at it. He linked up with Bill Clinton and drove him to early victories in Arkansas, but Clinton would push Mr. Morris away, and Clinton would start losing again.
Dick Morris is a poliopath, a name I was Inspired to, in he is akin to a sociopath, but of political origins. There is nothing to fear in this, as numbers of people are this. The difference is with Mr. Morris, is we share the like ability, of being to tear anyone down or build anyone up.
The most that people remember is that his marriage was broken up, when the Clinton liberals joined with the Republicrats in exposing that Mr. Morris in his high pressure job, needed someone to talk to, and it happened to be a prostitute, that he sucked the toes of for a release. Mr. Morris was destroyed from the inside, by perverts doing far worse than Mr. Morris ever did........but it cost his wife, his children and his marriage and that is of no consequence to the hateful insiders feeding off of power.

This is though not about Dick Morris in nuances, but the Morris Doctrine. The Morris Doctrine is a simple thing, but brilliant. Mr. Morris was poll driven. He had polls on everything and kept them in his pocket computer which he called his Prayer Book.
Mr. Morris was also a historical scholar in he could recite the political histories of America, Britain and France, because he knew the mob and how it trended through history, and once you know that secret, you can guide the mob to voting for your candidate.

This formed The Theory of Race or how to win in politics, and is why Clinton never moved without a poll, because Dick Morris was guiding him every step of the way.

Mr. Morris knew America was the right, the left and the 10 percent in the center. His strategy in 96 was brilliant in he would have Clinton sign into law the entire Contract with America, removing the Republican talking points, come to odds with the Democrats to show he was not uber liberal, and then occupy the center position as a moderate, which Bill Clinton really is.....he just got hijacked in  inexperience his first years by his wacko Obama left, which Obama still keeps hidden away.

Mr. Morris know his polling, and he pressed Clinton on a balanced budget to get that 10 percent or the Perot voters of that age. That is where that Middle 10 strategy appeared in ernest, and it is why to this election cycle you have these goofy Republicans like Rand Paul, breathing into Rush Limbaugh's microphone to breathlessly tell him things like, "We can win without the base, we just need that 10%", which is insane....but now you are getting the reality of how the political elite, in order to destroy brainless candidates the cartel does not want in power, has them practicing voodoo math all the time, and ruining themselves.

Look at Governor Scott Walker, he abandoned his Wisconsin team for that chin bearded, shaved head crack pot called Rick Wiley or whatever that bone was named, because the Fag Billionaires demanded it.......and in a few months Wiley took all of Scott Walker's lead and support, including the backing of the Lame Cherry, by making Walker look weak or having Walker betray the Right.

What you have to understand about the Middle 10, is the Reagan Coalition or the Clinton Coalition. It is not the Middle 10, but it is the fringe 10 who you either get to stay home or get to cast a vote for the other side, in a non e vote corrupt election, which gives you the Dick Morris victory for Bill Clinton. That is the key to it all and that is why Dick Morris took the Republican talking points from the GOP in having Bill Clinton sign the Contract with America, and then rebuffed the liberals.....this created and effective 5 points in the GOP who joined the Middle 10, who are liberals, and in that Bob Dole never stood a chance.

Birther Obama, Val-erie Jarret, David Plouffe and David Axelrod lied to the Middle 10 and that Fringe 5, in order to create an illusion that Obama was polling well among that group, but the polls really revealed that those numbers were solid for McCain and Palin, with the margin being 10 million GOP votes disappearing which is how Obama stole the 2008 and 2010 elections.
I am not going to revisit vote fraud for that is for People's Courts, but this is about explaining to all of you, in how you have been manipulated and lied to, as this Middle 10 is worthless unless you have your 45 percent voting for you from the start.

What Dick Morris produced was a masterpiece for victory, but what it has been bastardized to is conning candidates the cartel does not want in office to make them lose.

If you observe the election cycles from 1960 when John Kennedy stole the election from Richard Nixon, they have been unique. The country split in 1960 for ugly pretty vote, on recession and fatigue GOP vote over Eisenhower, and Kennedy could steal the election in it being that close.
Johnson destroyed Barry Goldwater over guilt in JFK's murder to hand Johnson a big victory. Nixon would win in a split vote in Southerner George Wallace taking the South from Hubert Humphrey, who again was then Johnson fatigue in voters over Vietnam.

Richard Nixon would harness the Silent Majority in the first Reagan Coalition in 1972 to destroy communist George McGovern. By the next cycle, Jerry Ford would lose to Jimmy Carter over the spin of Watergate.

By the next cycle, the disaster of Carter would split the Democratic vote, with John Anderson as a fringe candidate, and Reagan would win. Reagan would build a right left coalition for a landslide in 1984.

Bush41 would use this coalition and then destroy it after one victory in the first "shut up and go home" of hating your base which is what Jeb Bush is plagued by.
This allowed Bill Clinton in the George Stephanopoulos team to steal the election from Bush41 with that Lawrence Walsh indictment of Bush cabinet members.

Bush43 would swing back hard to the Reagan base, and by this find a way to nuance the lackluster Al Gore from a victory due to, Clinton recession and Clinton fatigue. The fact is simple that Al Gore's loss in 2000 mirrored Richard Nixon's loss in 1960. In both cases, all that had to be done is what Richard Nixon begged Eisenhower to do, and that was open the government buying power to inflate the economy. Nixon did exactly that in 1972 and it was part of his happy days are here again landslide.
If Bill Clinton would have just did some debt spending to ward off that Dotcom recession, Al Gore would have won. It was a horrid Clinton Gore mistake in not comprehending political history and the mob.

That was effectively the end of non stolen elections, as odd things took place in 2004 that showed John Kerry winning, and then the e voting machines showed George W. Bush winning. The same results for Obama in 2008 and 2012 in election theft, coupled with the reality that time and again, liberals like Harry Reid in Nevada had e voting machines producing votes for him when cast for Republicans.

The point in election cycles now, is not who has the fraud e voting machines, but who can create a 20 point margin, which is too big for the corrupted software to steal an election for whoever the cartel desires to place into power. That is why as I predicted, the Americans elections would become Balkanized as in Italy in the 25% candidates would be the winners, and always ruling in weakness. It is what is behind the Jeb Bush strategy and in many ways the Hillary Clinton strategy in she blackmailed most of the candidates out of the race in challenging her, with strawmen left in the race to knock down.

You should now at least, my children and my brats, have a simple understanding of the Middle 10 and how it has been used against you. In the hands of a master like Dick Morris, it is genius, providing the two parties are neutralized, which has never been the case since.

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