Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Invader Recession

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is going to deal with something which no one has even thunk, as all normal people in the west agree that every one of these disease infested, raping slave invaders be deported ASAP. The Lame Cherry addresses this, because the people with money who imported all this degenerate refuse is going to make a huge deal about this, and pound Mr. Trump and you with this issue.
The Lame Cherry though in addressing it in another matter anti matter exclusive is going to deal with this subject beyond the propaganda which too many of you will feed on to phobia.

When President Donald Trump deports this 100 million invasion population of green cards and welfare cards, there is going to be a recession in America deepening the Obama Super Depression the world is engulfed in. The conglomerates which feed off of this, as much as your local traitors in dairy to roofing, are going to see contractions, as all the rich people with money who feed off of this slave labor, are no longer going to have slaves to do the work, and your local groceries and car dealerships, are not going to have those extra millions of your welfare tax money to line their pockets.

You are going to be blamed for this economic slow down, as much as photos of what dropping 40 million vermin Mexicans back into Mexico. You have been funding Mexico with billions of dollars in propping up that aristrocratic state, as much as Americans did for generation in funding the defense of Europe. Take that funding away and there is going to be chaos and hardships in these deporting the slave nations, and you will be blamed.

For Americans, the Lame Cherry tells you that this is great news for you, because it will mean deflation in prices, without those 100 million vermin feeding on your resources. Gas prices will drop, real estate will drop, you will be able to find a nice used vehicle and all of those poor people will not be competing with Mexicans for second hand things.

The Lame Cherry advocates that all of these Mexicans, Muslims and whatever be divested as criminals of their American property, upon deportation as they are criminals as lethal as dope lords.
I utilize this example. The Mexicans have been offered numerous properties by real estate and banking traitors across America, and for the good of the 94 million Americans, these houses, should be turned over to the American poor, for 1 dollar, in exchange for the promise that these American families maintain these properties for 7 years, including paying real estate taxes.

Consider it, five million American homes, all turned over to Americans. Many of these homes are literally invader enclaves, dumping money back to the terror states, and being criminal operations, terrorizing the communities. Imagine a reality of real Americans, taking over these neighborhoods, making them safe and not finance points for terrorists or filling American prisons with more criminals costing a fortune.

What will be the measure of construction and dairy operations enriching themselves off these slaves? They will have to pay Americans a living wage. They will have to pay money to Social Security to fund that retirement, and Americans will be off the unemployment rolls and actually working, and not adding to the welfare debt.

I provide an example of this built upon the Lame Cherry articles previously posted.

Take a rough number of 20 million invaders, burning 20 gallons of gasoline per week. That is 400 million gallons of gasoline. Remove the invaders, and that gasoline is still available. Why not though reduce gasoline prices to Americans to 50 cents per gallon, and inflating the price in selling it to Eurasians to make up the difference.

The removal of the foreign Obama invaders, will bring deflation, and Americans will benefit from this, after being gouged in record taxes in the Obama years.

So do not be moved by the propaganda of poor Mexicans, having problems in their Mexican state, because Mexicans had no problem in raping your women and children, and divesting you of jobs, as much as Asian imports took American jobs.
If you desire to be dead like the Mutton of Paris before you comprehend the lesson, floating above your dead bodies, that is not something the Lame Cherry is going to afford you the luxury of in your ignorance, as if your life is that pathetic, my life and those I love is not.

There will be a recession once the foreign vermin are removed from America. It will bring deflation, but when proper Trump Administration governance is involved, it will bring better deals for Americans removing them from the poverty levels, and ending the use of slavery in America to exploit for profits.
You will be blamed for all of this, and there will be pictures of peons suffering, but no one has taken any photos of your suffering when the peon was made your lord.

Take your American and European nations back, restore your wealth and morality, and then find a new way to administer direction to these slave trade nations who have been exporting their vermin as they lived in luxury off of all of your technology and human advancement.

This required stating so you will be prepared with an answer.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.