Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Return of Dr. Strangelove


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This white paper is layman lecture on atomic "bombs" as the term is used to ignorantly that few actually comprehend these energy devices and those who do, are so cluttered with details, they can not explain the reality of them.

The reason for addressing this is President Vladimir Putin salted into the public mind the use a 115 mph nuclear torpedo by allowing a digital recording of a drawing of such and object to be broadcast around the globe.

What was unique in this robotic torpedo, is that it was designed specifically as a triadic device. Meaning this thermonuclear energy device would create first a tidal wave, then a destruction wave, and lastly a contaminant wave. It is necessary before explaining this "Cobalt Bomb", the four types of nuclear "bombs".

Bomb 1: The Atomic Bomb. This bomb is a fission bomb, or a bomb which divides atoms to lighter atoms from heavier atoms as Uranium, and the end purpose is release of high amounts of energy.
These bombs use high pressure to compress the heavy Uranium in order to begin a crash car reaction of atoms splitting.

Bomb 2: The Neutron Bomb. This bomb is a fission bomb like the atomic bomb, but instead of being designed to produce force energy, it is designed to produce neutrons which kill living things. This bomb was designed by the legendary Sam Cohen as an urban warfare bomb in keeping cities intact, having little radioactive fall out, but killing all living things.

Bomb 3: The Thermonuclear Bomb. This bomb is a fusion bomb, meaning it fuses particles together. It's design is to use the force of an atomic bomb, in order to vaporize a hydrogen isotope, in order to burn this as a fuel for immense energy release.
These are the Teller bombs and have a basic design of the atomic bomb is the primer like in firearm cartridges which vaporize a hydrogen isotope like lithium 6 deuteride as the fuel as a tamper. This casing is shielded by uranium in order for an internal sparkplug of plutonium to ignite the fuel uniformly, to set off a sun on earth.

Bomb 4: The Radioactive Bomb: This bomb is a thermonuclear bomb, but instead of a tamper which encases the thermonuclear fuel that does not become excessively radioactive, this material become highly radioactive. This is what was termed the Dr. Strangelove Doomsday Bomb.

There has been a great deal of hype over the Doomsday Bomb in it is salted with Cobalt, which becomes highly radioactive and produces immense amounts of gamma radiation. The propaganda has this in the atmosphere and killing everyone as it requires over 5 years for this gamma radioactivity to deteriorate.

It would require something around 37 tons of this Cobalt, radiated to Cobalt 60 to produce a globalcide weapon covering the earth. That is not what the use of the Radioactive bomb would be intended for, as Russia would not unleash something which would sterilize all of Russia as the rest of the planet.

The Russian super robotic torpedo would be designed to produce a radioactive tsunami, akin to a Fukisima meltdown with amplification by nature, and  the radiated material would then produce this hot zone on land and in the mostly dead oceans.

The 5 year contamination does not fit any reasonable military doctrine, except in specific kill zones. For example, it would be of benefit to contaminate military bases or governmental bunkers for long periods of time for effect, but  to contaminate a San Diego base which would be of benefit as much as New York harbor in a follow up invasion, would not be logical.

For that reason, a Zinc, which contains Zinc 64 which converts to Zinc 65, produces twice the amount of gamma radiation as Cobalt, but has a much shorter half life of 244 days or 8 months which would suffice any kill zone protocols. Zinc 64 only is present at about 49% of Zinc, so it would have to be enriched with isotopes or refined.

Tantalum is possible as another "hot shot", having a half life of 115 days, but with other materials available, it is a niche material.

Gold is actually an expensive, but fast hot shot to gamma kill all life in a location. When converted from Gold 197 to Gold 198, it's half life is approximately 2 3/4 days. This would be acceptable for contaminating and clearing landing locations, and making them available for invasion points. The problem being that those in fall out shelters would survive, but most likely die of exposure, malnutrition, water contaminants and disease.

So in examination, the Russian military with full support of President Vladimir Putin, in order to respond to the Bush 43 and Obama regime's antagonism in nuclear theater and diplomatic violations, has produced a multi level bargaining device, fully utilizing the reason for nuclear weapons or burns, and that is to create radioactivity to kill the opposing population.

The tsunami effect is the kill shot in this Russian weapon with the after effects being the directed gamma burst. The Russians do not intend to disperse this into the atmosphere, but contain it in the ocean, where it would produce a secondary radiation rain and snow weather events, in diluted form.

The Lame Cherry did warn as one of the last Russian experts to not make an enemy of Vladimir Putin for these very reasons listed above. At least, you now have a layman's understanding of these nuclear devices producing energy and radiation by fusion, fission and burning.

I keep telling you very wealthy people to donate as I have the means to rescue you, as you have no idea how defend yourselves from what is out there.

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