Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The traitors behind the importation of Terrorists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While all of you have been sitting around listening to Rush Limbaugh and Homo Hannity blather on about the Obama terror invaders in how much you Crusaders as image Obama just slurred you with hate speech, should not be allowed into America, I have begun the process of actually tracking down this terror syndicate in who is behind it, and will name names.

The Lame Cherry source on this, is a government official. You will probably trust him, as he is from the oil soaked state of North Dakota. My source is the Republican Governor in Jack Dalrymple who came under fire for not going against the Obama terror imports, but instead fired off a letter to Obama stating that the examinations of these terrorists must be beefed up.........yes not stopped, but we are to somehow screen terrorists among all these Christian hating Muslim invaders, by trusting their word as FBI Director Comey has gone on record stating that there IS NO INFORMATION ON ANY OF THESE INVADERS!

This is the quote from Governor Jack Dalrymple.


If that does not make your mouth drop open, then check to see if your heart is still beating and you are in this world.

The GOP Governor of a supposedly right wing state, revealed that his go to group was Lutheran Social Services, to acquire information on to how many of these terrorists are pouring into America.

The Lame Cherry has been following this same story, from the beginning of this, as I noticed numbers of religious morons hanging around the Mexican invaders in treating them as pets. It was well voiced that Catholic Charities was involved as much as forcing Catholic families in America to deal with the first Obama wave of "invader children". This was followed by the Pater Pope of the Vatican urging in the Muslim invasion of Europe that Catholics all open their homes to these same terrorists who have been gang raping children in Norway and murdering scores of people in France.

Your very traitors who are involved in this, are a well organized stealth operation. The trail of this has been reported to orginate in fliers in Muslim lands, in the same way that the Ford Foundation was promoting Mexican importation to America. Germany was paying 50,000 dollars per person for Syrians to Turkey to herd that group into Europe for slave labor.
In Europe there were these "refuge camps", but in America these invaders just seem to vanish as they are imported, with now only the previous report of Catholic Charities with Mexicans, and now the Governor of North Dakota, letting slip that his official office was connected to Lutheran Social Services to ascertain what the invader situation was, as Lutheran Social Services was handling this operation in that state.

LLS is a loose confederation of numerous states. I am certain if you pull the thread on this weave, that you would unravel, every single one of your religions involved in this too. I am betting that when George W. Bush started dumping money into religious charities, that all of these groups applied at the hot trough.
George W. Bush in his memoir Decision Points, specifically stated that he directed the executive branch to hold seminars across America, in order to teach these charities how to obtain federal funding.
That all is a smoking gun, in the Obama regime on that money hook, is dumping these terrorists and invaders directly into every community, under the guise of Christian charity. Recall that the Lame Cherry on inquiry headed off a terror event in Texas where inquiry stated something about the terrorists were brought in as "christians". This is that same network and it is how this is all working.

Every person should be asking their clergy just what in the hell is going on in this, and finding out if their collection plate offerings are going to fund this invasion, and that it should be a matter of your elders to stop it at once from the source of your churches.

Now you know the hidden agenda in this. The image Obama is out there excoriating every American and Christian as Crusaders, and his regime is using these charities to coordinate dumping these terrorists into your communities, and you will notice in this, that not one of these charities is telling you, nor are your clergy telling you that they are behind all of this, coordinating with image Obama.

This is a direct quote from the Governor of North Dakota's official website concerning the money pit which Lutheran Social Services is. This is not a charity, but a funnel of massive funding, running literal slum housing to profit off of oil field workers and only God knows what else.

"Located at the intersection of I-29 and I-94, the new facility is the culmination of a $6.9 million capital campaign funded by private contributions. 

The organization’s housing program now owns or manages rental properties in 20 North Dakota communities. 
Since its inception in 2011, the Housing Incentive Fund has allocated over $49 million to projects, leveraging more than $240 million in construction financing to support the development of 1,500 new affordable housing units."

So North Dakota is not importing terrorists from Syria, but what the hell else are they doing, and more importantly for you, who the hell is it in your city that is importing God knows what in this money pipeline. This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, and I ask you, why is it NO ONE ELSE HAS TOLD YOU ANY OF THIS?
It is because this is the corrupt syndicate which is exploiting Americans for their genocide hidden in philanthropy.