Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Road to Jericho


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been reading Pope John Paul's writings and was moved to write upon them as a Witness against the people of this world and the reality that those casting the first stones never see the logs in their own eyes.

This starts out with John Paul II effectively stating this case:

"Poverty is driving masses of people to the edges of society, or even worse, to extinction. For many people, war has become a harsh everyday reality. Societies interested only in material and ephemeral goods are tending to marginalize those who are not useful to their purposes.

Faced with situations like these, involving real human tragedies, some prefer simply to close their eyes, taking refuge in indifference. Theirs is the attitude of Cain: "Am I my brother's keeper"" But we have the duty to remind everyone of God's severe admonishment: "What have you done? Listen; your brother's blood is crying out to me from the ground!"

The Lame Cherry is stolen from all the time. I hear the code phrases I implant in this blog voiced from the lips of multi millionaires constantly. This blog is moving the entire global conversation and yet with all of these rich and powerful people, crossing to the other side of the road as I lay here beaten and abused, "Where is my Good Samaritan in those millionaires and billionaries?"

John  Paul II makes this statement to all:

"How can we not open our ears and our hearts to start to make available those loaves and fishes that God has put into our hands?"

The former Pope exhorts the wealthy with these lines:

" For each of us, moderation and simplicity out to become the criteria of our daily lives. The quantity of goods consumed  by a tiny fraction of the world population produces a demand greater than available resources, A reduction of this demand constitutes a first step in alleviating poverty, provided that it is accompanied by the effective measures to guarantee a fair distribution of the world's wealth."

This is where the Road to Jericho becomes the blasphemy of another rich man in John Paul II. For in the parable of Christ, the Good Samaritan was not off passing laws to confiscate things from Jews in order to distribute them to the poor. No, the Good Samaritan did this all on his own, with his own money, own goods and own time.

The first world nations obtained their wealth, by working for it. They produced their food to export, their factories to export goods and their militaries to  inflict their will on others who were less productive. Americans for example created a space age for Muslim peoples from their camel tent age. It is not up to the first world to distribute money inside Muslim lands, no more than to feel guilty for being paid for their efficient work.

This then comes to the reality of Pope John Paul II, a man exhorting rich nations and peoples to help the poor, but the Vatican nation has almost a trillion dollars in Rothschild banks, and has over a trillion dollars in one of a kind manuscripts and properties doing no one any good. Yet the Pope talk is cheap, as John Paul never converted those immense  finances to change people's lives from American poor to African poor to Asian poor to the good.

This John Paul II exhortation against the rich hits home for this Christian without a home. As the former Pope states that people have the right to a home which has been denied to me.

"Ensuring  a suitable habitat for everyone is demanded by the respect owed to every human being and, therefore, is a measure of civilization, and the condition of a peaceful, fraternal society. By virtue of our human dignity, every person must be guaranteed a lodging that offers not only physical shelter; but also a suitable place for satisfying their social, cultural and spiritual needs."

Again as the replacement Pope, Pater Pope Francis, assisted German leader Angela Merkel to be re installed to Germany, and then exhorted all Catholics to take in Muslim invaders, to the great harm of German hamlets, and we can note that not one Muslim invader from Africa or Asia, has found a home in the Vatican State.

My experience has been in like manner on this Road to Jericho in my clergy, informed me that he could not be our pastor unless he gave us Communion, which the Bible does not teach, and this same clergy has the family on his board of directors and filling his pews who denied me a home to live in which was my Great Grandfathers, that they are allowing to rot to the ground, and this clergy told us to find another Lutheran church to attend, instead of dealing with his wealth patrons.

I keep hoping in an illusion that God is going to move some wealthy person to break their condemnation by being a Good Samaritan. It just seems the odds are according to Jesus that on the Road to Jericho each of us is going to have at least one good person with humanity not drown by the gold in their hearts.

The Road to Jericho.