Saturday, November 14, 2015

Donald Trump: Prophet of the West

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder sometimes just how much more genocide the peoples of the west will take as they are lied to as the Germans were just lied to as Paris burns down to Muslim invaders.

The Latest: German minister: Refugees not to blame
PARIS (AP) — The latest on the deadly shootings and explosions in Paris. (All times local): 6:35 p.m. Germany's vice-chancellor has warned against a crackdown on migrants coming to Europe...

The problem with the above German Vice Chancellor's lie, is it is a lie, as one of the ring leaders of this terrorization of Paris is one of these Syrian terrorists, which the Germans have been paying the Turks, 50,000 dollars American, to funnel from the Mideast, into Europe, as the cheap work force, so Angela Merkel does not have to pay Germans a living wage.

The problem in all of this is the French liberals, have started lying too the French public who are being slaughtered, in pointing the finger at ISIS. ISIS was not in Paris the last time Paris blew up in Muslim riots. The root cause of this is the same Islamic vermin, cast out of Muslim lands, because the Imams and Mullahs could not reign in these radicals.

I ponder in this, as Norwegians appear to be rising up and burning down terror camps in their nation, will the Norwegians rise up, storm the prison holding Political Prisoner, Andres Breivik, and appoint him as Reich Marshall of Norway to save the Norwegian people from Islamic genocide.

Europeans have to understand, as much as Americans, that ALL OF THIS terrorist invasion started in Berlin, in the summer of 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama, swept through Europe, and Europeans anointed him as their messiah, and demanded that Americans do the same. TWO TRANSMIGRATION POINTS were opened up by the Obama regime, one in Libya and one in Syria, in those civil wars, and now terrorists are pouring into Europe.

Let none of you forget that just a few months ago, it was Pater Pope Francis who was installing his puppets like Merkel back into power, and this is the group who began this importing Muslims wholesale, and is responsible for the rape, robbery, beatings and murders of Europeans.

America is be replaced as a Protestant White People for a brown mongrel Mexican Catholic and Muslim group, all answering to the same leftist Jesuit revolution which is turning Europe into Scorched Earth. This is all deliberate and these are crimes against humanity, and from image Obama, David Cameron, Pater Pope, Angela Merkel, these are the faces of you Concentration Camp murderers.

I am going to keep repeating this, in Andres Breivik, the European Political Prisoner warned all of you that this genocide was coming. He took steps to take the fight to the European traitors and Europe's response was to torture this savior of Europe. Andres Breivik is the Arn, the Charles Martel, the Hermann of Germany in this 21st century, and instead of embracing the reality of his message, he was instead imprisoned. Now Europe is being raped and murdered across all lands, while Andres Breivik sits imprisoned and your European leaders like Obama defend these terrorists.

This past week in America, Donald Trump was booed by the American traitors, but he pushed hard again for the message of deporting every foreigner from America. And the reality of Paris now proves Donald Trump absolutely correct in his warning that the native peoples from France, America, England, Norway, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary etc... must all rise up and rid themselves not only of the terrorists, but the political industrial slave complex traitors against the True Possessors of the Land.

Donald Trump's poll numbers are soaring every higher, because he saw what was coming, while all of these leftists were calling all of us racist for wanting the proper thing, of America for Americans, Germany for Germans, France for the French, Norway for the Norwegians etc...
Canada instead had regressed to liberal genocide in booting out their Conservative, for this Trudeau who just installed numbers of Muslim militants into his regime.

This is going to be a fight which has started in the West, and it is a reality of Ferdinand and Isabella to Charles Martell to George Washington, that there is going to be one victorious people and one vanquished and obliterated people, as that is the way the world has operated in all humanity. Either humanity wins in places like Granada, Paris and Washita, or the savages and barbarians genocide the native peoples.

It is the time to organize into armed militia groups, and then informing the police that your neighborhoods will be watched by the Citizen, to allow the police to do their jobs in other areas. Either the people rise up, and either leadership from the masses arises, or you people are going to get a satanic Obama or an abaddon Merkel ridding you of your nations and importing these terrorists to genocide each of you, man, woman and child.

There must a 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump in America to ensure legal elections and there must be 40 million loaded guns across Europe to defend herself, not from the terrorists alone, but the treacherous politicians and financiers who brought all of this about, or there is going to arise an anti Christ to lie to you some more about saving you, as he lines you up to be slaughtered.

Nuff said.